Volume XVIII, Issue 8, August 2022

Laser scanning in archaeology and cultural heritage documentation

Hina Pande, Poonam Seth Tiwari and Shefali Agarwal

NRTK observations and their uncertainties in a modern datum

Tom Bernstein and Volker Janssen

New insights into large tropical tree mass and structure from direct harvest and terrestrial lidar

Andrew Burt, Matheus Boni Vicari, Antonio C L da Costa, Ingrid Coughlin, Patrick Meir, Lucy Rowland and Mathias Disney
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September 2022 - November 2022
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Volume XVIII, Issue 7, July 2022

EN16803 European geolocation standard to certify mobility solutions

Xavier Leblan, Giuseppe Rotondo, Miguel Ortiz and Christelle Dulery

Logistics tracking system based on decentralized IoT and blockchain platform

Marouane El Midaoui, El Mehdi Ben Laoula, Mohamed Qbadou and Khalifa Mansouri

Analysis of factors affecting industrial site selection in Hawassa town, Ethiopia

Muluneh Beyene Tsala

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Hitachi launches Lumada Inspection Insights
Hitachi, Ltd. has launched Lumada Inspection Insights, its end-to-end portfolio of digital solutions for the inspection, monitoring, and optimization of critical assets. It enables customers to automate asset inspection, support sustainability goals, improve physical security, and reduce risks and impacts related to storms or fires by using powerful artificial intelligence …

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The aim of this research is to produce a new and updated map Lagos Island Local Government Area, Nigeria and document changes that have occurred over time

Leonard Michael Onyinyechi Aminigbo

Department of Geography and Environmental Management, Rivers State University, Portharcourt, Nigeria

The scope of the research work comprised the planning and preliminary data requirement analyses, acquisition of …

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The results of the study conducted in Perth, Australia show distinct advantages of using spatial statistics at the site investigation scale, and for measuring multiple elements not just potential contaminants

Andrew W. Rate

School of Agriculture and Environment, The University of Western Australia, Australia

Public recreation areas in cities may be constructed on land which has been contaminated …

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The expected results will be a contribution to the assessment of natural risk and seismic hazard in the study area and will have a positive impact for the sustainable development of the region

Nikolay Dimitrov

Assoc Professor, Head of Department Geodesy, National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography, Bulgarian Academy of Science, Bulgaria

The study of recent crustal …

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No, India’s forest cover has not increased steadily. Instead, tea estates, coconut plantations, and even tree-lined avenues are being classified as forests

M D Madhusudan


T R Shankar Raman


It is not long after dawn, but the air in the Borajan rainforest in upper Assam is already warm and heavy with humidity. On a fig tree by the …