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Jan 2024 | No Comment

Ireland successfully launches its first satellite into space
EIRSAT-1, a student-built satellite from University College Dublin, has been successfully launched into space, officially becoming Ireland’s first-ever satellite.
The miniature cube satellite, or cubesat, designed, built, and tested at UCD under guidance of the European Space Agency (ESA), took flight at the Vandenberg Space Force Base …

Dec 2023 | No Comment

Neuraspace and Arcsec partner for debris detection
Neuraspace, a provider of space traffic management (STM) has partnered with Arcsec, a provider of star trackers to develop a new way to detect space debris.
Neuraspace will harness Arcsec’s space-based star trackers for detection and characterisation of space debris and resident space objects. Arcsec’s trackers use optical sensors onboard …

Oct 2023 | No Comment

Globalstar contracts SpaceX
On August 28, 2023, Globalstar, Inc. entered into a Launch Services Agreement by and between the Company and Space Exploration Technologies Corp. and certain related ancillary agreements (the “Launch Services Agreements”), providing for the launch of the first set of the satellites the Company is …

Sep 2023 | No Comment

NASA to acquire Synthetic Aperture Radar Data from ICEYE
ICEYE US has won a contract under a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with NASA announced earlier this year. The contract enables NASA to acquire ICEYE’s synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) data for evaluation by scientific and academic communities to determine …

Aug 2023 | No Comment

EgSA & Chinese LASAC Collaboration
The CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency(EgSA), Dr Sherif Sedky, has formally entered into a MoU with the Chinese Land Satellite Remote Sensing Application Centre (LASAC). The primary objective of this agreement is to enhance Egypt’s access to remote sensing data, providing valuable …

Jul 2023 | No Comment

OSK successfully launches third GHOSt satellite
Orbital Sidekick (OSK successfully launched GHOSt 3, the third satellite in its planned GHOSt(™) (Global Hyperspectral Observation Satellite) constellation aboard the Transporter 8 rideshare mission. This launch marks the halfway point for deployment of the company’s planned six-satellite constellation. OSK is on track to deploy two more satellites this year …

Jun 2023 | No Comment

Study reveals map of moon’s water near its south pole
A new study using the now-retired Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) has pieced together the first detailed, wide-area map of water distribution on the Moon. SOFIA was a joint project of NASA and the German Space Agency at DLR. …

Jun 2023 | No Comment

Vexcel announces complimentary access to high-resolution imagery
Vexcel Data Program has announced free access to aerial imagery in Australia and New Zealand through its webbased platform, Viewer. Providing aerial data to end users at zero cost improves a user’s ability to solve some of the most pressing problems of today …

Apr 2023 | No Comment

Space Flight Laboratory announces launch of nine satellites
Space Flight Laboratory (SFL), has announced the launch and successful deployment of nine satellites. The SpaceX Transporter-7 ride-sharing mission carried SFL-designed microspace platforms into orbit for four different repeat customers.
The Transporter-7 launch included: • HawkEye 360 Cluster 7, based on SFL’s …

Mar 2023 | No Comment

EagleView launches next-gen Asset Management with AI
EagleView announced the launch of its next-generation asset management solutions. Combining high-resolution oblique aerial imagery with machine learning, it is solving a variety of asset management challenges for local governments and commercial organizations.
Thales and LuxCarta to offer …