MENA Geospatial Forum

Geospatial technologies are crucial in today’s world, offering insights into how location, people, and the environment interact. As these technologies evolve, they’re becoming integral to various industries, enhancing value creation. The geospatial industry, worth approximately $500 billion, impacts the economy by over $7.3 trillion, attracting $200 billion in investments recently. Its integration into key sectors like energy, defense, and infrastructure is pivotal to economic growth.
These technologies help us recognize spatial patterns and address challenges, enabling better decision-making and resource management. They aid in boosting sustainability and efficiency for governments, businesses, and individuals.
The MENA Geospatial Forum is an event that brings together experts to share knowledge and encourage collaboration. It’s a chance to learn about streamlining data, achieving goals, and applying international standards like the IGIF. The forum will offer opportunities for networking and discussions on applying geospatial insights across different fields.