Smart GEO Expo 2023

Asia’s biggest geospatial information technology exchange expo,
That has developed alongside the geospatial information industry

Celebrating its 15th year, Smart GEO Expo 2023 will be held from Nov 8 to 10, which will present the future vision of geospatial information industry brought over by new geospatial information technologies and convergence with other fields of industry.

There will be exhibitions, conferences and additional side programs that cover the newest technologies in ‘spatial information’, the key infrastructure of digital platform government, in addition to the trends in utilization of convergence-based technologies. Furthermore, we seek to make this a substantial event by promoting active business matchmaking between industries and buyers both at home and abroad, thereby providing opportunities for experts from a wide variety of fields to freely exchange information.

Join us at Smart Geospatial Expo 2023 and observe the newest trends and the boundless potential of geospatial information industry.