Volume XVIII, Issue 10, October 2022

Cadastre forensics, para surveyor and mobile app for land registration

Trias Aditya

The Antikythera Mechanism: Discerning its role in ancient navigation

James E. (Jim) Wyse

Integrated UAV photogrammetry and automatic feature extraction for cadastral mapping

Oluibukun Gbenga Ajayi and Emmanuel Oruma
My Coordinates
His Coordinates
Kiyokazu Minami and Takeyasu Sakai
November 2022 - July 2023
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Labsat, SBG System, Riegl, Vexcel Imaging

Volume XVIII, Issue 9, September 2022

DEM delivers better approximate AHD heights on public record

Jonathon Smith and Volker Janssen

Generalized orthogonalization an elegant solution to the least squares problem

Joël van Cranenbroeck

Dec 2022 | No Comment

Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division and Fujitsu Limited have partnered to deliver a digital twin platform for Stuttgart, Germany, to support the city’s urban digital twin project. The Civil Engineering Office will use the SaaS solution to visualize and analyze data from IoT sensors across the city to promote sustainability and enhance quality of life for …

Dec 2022 | No Comment

A unique tree mapping tool is being used by Leicestershire County Council as part of its programme to help keep its highways safe throughout the county. The local authority is responsible for all A and B roads throughout Leicestershire, including some busy, heavy traffic routes such as the A511 and the A606. The Council has …

Dec 2022 | No Comment

Bentley Systems, Incorporated the infrastructure engineering software company, has announced that its Cohesive Group digital integrator business has acquired Vetasi, a leading international consultancy specializing in enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions, with a strong focus on IBM Maximo.

Vetasi brings to Cohesive the largest IBM Maximo consultancy team across Europe, Africa, and ASEAN countries, with headquarters in the …

Dec 2022 | No Comment

Multinational technology firm GMV has signed an agreement with Lockheed Martin Corporation to develop the processing and control centers for the Southern Positioning Augmentation Network system, known as SouthPAN. This project is a joint initiative of the Australian and New Zealand governments with the purpose of providing a satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS) for navigation and …

Nov 2022 | No Comment

Mosiac has announced its product portfolio would integrate RIEGL’s mobile mapping systems to gather more advanced 3D data.

The technology alliance also allows Mosiac end-users to record and analyse 3D object surfaces and environments to assist with city planning, construction, and maintenance.

The Mosaic X and Mosaic 51 photogrammetry cameras now leverage RIEGL V-Line Scanning technology to produce high-precision …