Volume XVII, Issue 1,January 2021

The Importance of being resilient: Challenges with GNSS in COVID-19 times

John Fischer

The COVID-19 pandemic sheds light on our dependence on PNT services

Guy Buesnel

Digital Twin – Industrial navigation Avatars for cooperative multimachine automation

Graeme Hooper

C++ programming for cartography and geodesy students

V R Zablotskii

COVID-19 - Geo-spatial big data analysis

Arun Kumar Verma, Anjul Verma and Aditi Verma

Seagrass mapping with supervised classification method using multispectral satellite imagery

Anggia Rivani, Ayuni Nur Fitriani and Sry Handini Puteri
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Eos Positioning Systems, Labsat, SBG System

Volume XVI, Issue 12, December 2020

Galileo Green Lane

Tomáš Liška, Lukáš Janda, Jirˇí Müll er, Kwaku Sumah, Melania Susi, Ciro Gioia, Joaquim Fortuny-Guasc h and Alberto Fernández Wytt enbach

Application of distance technologies in education during COVID-19

V R Zablotskii

Data is Gold. Make it Ornament!


Digital blockchain for land pooling in Delhi

A K Jain

Feb 2021 | No Comment

India has set free the process of map making and generation of geospatial data, giving Indian private players the freedom to handle such information without prior approval or restriction. Mapping was till now remained a government preserve, handled by the Central government’s Survey of India. With the sweeping changes announced today, any Indian entity can …

Feb 2021 | No Comment

As part of the Geospatial Commission’s Public Sector Geospatial Agreement, today over 5,500 public sector organisations now have direct and immediate access to OS’s most detailed and trusted location data via a suite of APIs which will transform how geospatial data is used to support government policy and underpin public services.

Free at the point of use, the …

Feb 2021 | No Comment

Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a Raytheon Technologies business (NYSE: RTX), delivered its 3,000th MAGR 2000-S24 GPS system to the U.S. Air Force. The MAGR2K is a secure, resilient GPS receiver that allows the warfighter to navigate the battlespace with protection against interference and jamming.

The MAGR2K is an upgrade to the legacy miniaturized airborne GPS receivers and …

Feb 2021 | No Comment

Planet announces the release of the new and improved Planet ArcGIS Add-In & Planet QGIS Plugin V2.0. The new integration products are designed to make it easier for GIS users to discover and apply imagery in their preferred mapping and analysis tools, enriching their applications and projects with more frequent satellite imagery.

The ArcGIS Add-In & QGIS Plugin V1.0 were …

Feb 2021 | No Comment

The Remote Sensing Payload Instrument, RESEPI, consists of a dual antenna GNSS-aided Inertial Navigation System (INS), a datalogger, a LiDAR Scanner, an optional camera, and a communications system that allows for real time and post processed generation of point cloud solutions. The RESEPI is now available with the all-new Livox Avia, a compact and lightweight …