Volume XIX, Issue 10, October 2023

Extreme Relativistic Electron Fluxes in GPS Orbit: Analysis of NS41 BDD-IIR Data

Nigel P. Meredith, Thomas E. Cayton, Michael D. Cayton and Richard B. Horne

The Investment Case for Land Tenure Security in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Frank F K Byamugisha and Nancy Dubosse
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Alexander Wiechert
November 2023 - June 2024
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Volume XIX, Issue 9, September 2023

Testing the Galileo High Accuracy Service (HAS) at a High Latitude and under Ionospheric Scintillation

Melania Susi, Daniele Borio, Althaf Azeez, Jihye Park, Kinga Wc˛ zka and Ignacio Fernandez-Hernandez

Land registration acceleration in Indonesia: lessons learnt from land registration system in Malaysia

Ricco Survival Yubaidi, Mazliza Mohamad and Saidatul Nadia Abd Aziz

The Investment Case for Land Tenure Security in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Frank F K Byamugisha and Nancy Dubosse

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SBG Systems, a leading global provider of inertial navigation systems and associated software solutions, has announced that its fast-selling INS, Quanta Micro, is at the heart of YellowScan’s new Surveyor Ultra and Explorer LiDAR mapping solutions.  YellowScan expressed high interest for Quanta Micro’s outstanding SWaP-C, praising its lightweight yet high-performance capabilities. Additionally, YellowScan has integrated …

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SBG Systems, a leading provider of advanced inertial navigation systems and software solutions, is pleased to announce the release of Qinertia 4 on November 7th. This version introduces several innovative features that provide users with a complete solution for precise trajectory and motion analysis.

Qinertia, the de facto choice of surveyors, is a superior post-processing software …

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Hesai Technology announced an ADAS lidar design win with Neta Auto’s new series production vehicle. Hesai will supply ultra-high resolution long-range lidar AT128 for Neta Auto’s upcoming vehicle model which is expected to launch in the first half of 2025.

Neta Auto is a leader in the smart EV industry. The company is committed to making …

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Phase One, a company in medium- and large-format digital cameras and imaging systems, introduces PAS Pana. The PAS Pana is useful for country-wide area mapping providing unmatched performance and precision.
PAS Pana is a seven-camera wide-field system that redefines the landscape of aerial mapping precision and effectiveness. With a strategic configuration comprising five RGB cameras equipped with 150 mm lenses, and two NIR cameras with 70 mm lenses, PAS Pana reaches a total swath …

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The United States Space Force’s Space Systems Command (SSC) has a specialized branch responsible for certifying GPS accuracy called the GPS Certification Branch. It is a specialized team within SSC that is responsible for certifying the hardware, software, and firmware used in GPS-based systems.

The certification process conducted by SSC’s GPS Certification Branch involves the evaluation of …