Volume XV, Issue 11, November 2019

Recent activity of international standardization for high-accuracy GNSS correction service

Rui Hirokawa

Remote Sensing for air pollution control

A K Jain

Global experiences with public private partnerships for land registry services: A critical review

Keith Clifford Bell
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Peter Teunissen
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November 2019 to October 2020
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Volume XV, Issue 10, October 2019

Translating Earth observation data into economic value for governments

Steven Ramage

New paradigm in mapping: A critique on cartography and GIS

Bin Jiang

Bridging the gap between high-altitude remote sensing and ground survey for sampling in the marine environment

Subhash Chand, Barb ara Bollard and Kavita Prasad

Fishermans Bend Digital Twin Project

Apr 2019 | No Comment

Recently, a number of conifers dying due to climate change are being found in high altitude areas of Korean national parks. The existing tree investigation method has been judged by the human visual interpretation. However, with Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) it is not only possible to measure large areas immediately…

Apr 2019 | No Comment

Traditionally the surveying profession contributed to the good of society by creating and maintaining highly precise and accurate geospatial data bases, based on an in-depth knowledge of spatial reference frameworks. Furthermore in many countries…

Apr 2019 | No Comment

The number of people killed in pleasure craft accidents in Norway has been relatively stable for the last 10 years ranging between 38 and 24. In 2015 the number was 37 and in 2016, 27 (Berntsen, 2017). The reduction in deaths by 2016…

Apr 2019 | No Comment

Mass-market applications, ranging from self-driving cars, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to handheld smartphones, are increasingly demanding high-precision from GNSS integrated with other enabling navigation sensors…

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In Mongolia, several Continuous GNSS stations are operated and managed by different agencies, private companies and national scientific institutions and these stations have been built for purposes such as topography, cartography, cadastral surveying geodynamic, mining and crustal movement monitoring.