Volume XVIII, Issue 8, August 2022

Laser scanning in archaeology and cultural heritage documentation

Hina Pande, Poonam Seth Tiwari and Shefali Agarwal

NRTK observations and their uncertainties in a modern datum

Tom Bernstein and Volker Janssen

New insights into large tropical tree mass and structure from direct harvest and terrestrial lidar

Andrew Burt, Matheus Boni Vicari, Antonio C L da Costa, Ingrid Coughlin, Patrick Meir, Lucy Rowland and Mathias Disney
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September 2022 - November 2022
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Volume XVIII, Issue 7, July 2022

EN16803 European geolocation standard to certify mobility solutions

Xavier Leblan, Giuseppe Rotondo, Miguel Ortiz and Christelle Dulery

Logistics tracking system based on decentralized IoT and blockchain platform

Marouane El Midaoui, El Mehdi Ben Laoula, Mohamed Qbadou and Khalifa Mansouri

Analysis of factors affecting industrial site selection in Hawassa town, Ethiopia

Muluneh Beyene Tsala

Feb 2022 | No Comment

Airbus has announced the general availability of their premium satellite imagery and elevation data in Microsoft Azure Maps. Customers of Azure Maps can now access a new global reference layer made from high quality Airbus imagery as well as a homogenous elevation dataset covering the entire globe.

Azure Maps is a collection of geospatial services and Software …

Feb 2022 | No Comment

MDA Ltd has announced at the World Satellite Business Week event that its next generation commercial Earth observation (EO) mission will be named CHORUS. The company also announced that CHORUS will initially include C-band and X-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites.

A collaborative multi-sensor constellation, CHORUS will bring together multiple diverse and unique perspectives in harmony, opening …

Feb 2022 | No Comment

The Bhubaneshwar Land Use Intelligent System, or BLUIS, run by the state government of Odisha has been selected to be awarded ‘Gold’ under Category V that is ‘Excellence in adopting emerging technologies’ in the National Awards for e-Governance.

The National Awards for e-Governance will take place on January 7 and 8, 2022 in Hyderabad, Telangana under …

Feb 2022 | No Comment

Orbital Insight has announced the launch of multiclass object detection algorithms within its GO platform. Multiclass object detection uses advanced computer vision algorithms to identify and differentiate between classes of ships, aircraft and vehicles within satellite imagery. The state-of-the-art multiclass ship detection algorithms will bring immediate benefits to the defense and intelligence community for security, …

Feb 2022 | No Comment

The Federal Aviation Administration released the list of 50 airports that will have buffer zones when wireless companies turn on new 5G C-band service on January 19. The agency sought input from the aviation community where the proposed buffer zones would help reduce the risk of disruption. Traffic volume, the number of low-visibility days and geographic location …