Volume 20, Issue 3, March 2024

GNSS constellation specific monthly analysis summary: February 2024

Narayan Dhital

The next layer: Towards open pedagogy in geospatial education

David Ray Abernathy

The Dynamics of ERA5 and GNSS-Derived Precipitable Water Vapour in the Climatic Zones of Nigeria

Ojegbile, B.M., Okolie, C.J., Omogunloye, O.G., Abiodun, O.E. and Olaleye, J.B.
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April 2024 - September 2024
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Volume XX, Issue 2, February 2024

A GPS/GNSS utilisation risk model facilitates GNSS applications development and operation

Renato Filjar, Igor Klopotan, Nenad Sikirica and Ivan Hedji

GNSS constellation specific monthly analysis summary: January 2024

Narayan Dhital

New age technologies for cities and infrastructure planning

A K Jain

The contributions of space geodesy to the construction of sustainable cities in Africa and around the world

Kêmy Elary Mahugnon ADJAGAN and Jean Raphaël ADELAKOUN

Constraints of surveying and mapping Awareness in Nigeria: A comprehensive review

Godwill Tamunobiekiri Pepple, Deborah Gold Alapa, Henry Omoloize Irumhe and Yokyshor Lifu

Apr 2024 | No Comment

Kongsberg Geospatial (KG), developer of the IRIS Terminal and IRIS GCS airspace deconfliction solutions, has partnered with Echodyne, the radar platform company, to accelerate and extend Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) applications. The collaboration will provide enhanced situational awareness to Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operators by visualizing all airspace movement, cooperative and …

Apr 2024 | No Comment

UNCTAD has partnered with the Atlantic International Research (AIR) Centre, a non-profit organization, to help Brazil and South Africa boost their earth observation capabilities.

Space technologies can revolutionize how countries capture, visualize and analyze data about Earth’s surface, such as disaster-prone areas, local air and water quality, and transportation networks.

The joint work will arm both countries …

Apr 2024 | No Comment

The Dharavi Redevelopment Project Pvt Ltd (DRPPL), a joint venture between the state government and the Adani Group, on Monday announced that a survey would be launched on March 18 to collect data from the lakhs of slum dwellers living in Dharavi. The data will be used by the government to determine the rehabilitation eligibility …

Apr 2024 | No Comment

Wingtra, a UAV technology company, has introduced a lidar UAV mapping solution that combines the WingtraOne GEN II UAV with a newly developed lidar sensor. This integration aims to advance UAV lidar efficiency, increase accuracy and simplify integration.
The lidar solution incorporates a Hesai scanner, Inertial Labs IMU and NovAtel GNSS designed to optimize data acquisition and reduce the need for post-processing …

Apr 2024 | No Comment

DJI has introduced DJI Modify, the company’s first intelligent 3D model editing software. This complementary solution pairs seamlessly with DJI’s enterprise drones and 3D modeling and mapping software, DJI Terra, forming a comprehensive solution for aerial surveying, modeling, and model editing, to meet the operational needs for surveying, transportation, and emergency response such as firefighting.