Volume XIV, Issue 12, December 2018

From oral agreement to distributed agreement: digital ledgers in land registration

Mohsen Kalantari, Xueling Chen, Zhouyang Wang, Luan Nguyen

Geo-Information tools, governance, and wicked policy problems

Yola Georgiadou, Diana Reckien

CORS usage for GPS survey in Greater Accra region: Advantages, limitation and suggested remedies

Surv. Sebastian Botsyo (MGhIS), Bernard BORKETEY BORTEI, John AYER

Spatial heterogeneity, scale, data character, and sustainable transport in the big data era

Bin Jiang

New trends in development of agricultural land consolidation in the Russian Federation

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January 2019 to October 2019
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Volume XIV, Issue 11, November 2018

GNSS authenticity verification in covered spoofing attack using antenna array

Ali Broumandan, James T Curran

Segmentation of 3D photogrammetric point cloud

E Ozdemir, Dr F Remondino

Deformation analisys of modern crustal strain

Nikolay Dimitrov

Its4land - Developing innovative geospatial tools for fit-for-purpose land rights mapping

Dr Mila Koeva, Sophie CROMMELINCK, Claudia STÖCKER, Joep CROMPVOETS, Serene HO, Ine BUNTINX, Angela SCHWERING, Malumbo CHIPOFYA, Sahib JAN, Tarek ZEIN, Christian TIMM, Kaspar KUNDERT, Placide NKERABIGWI, Berhanu ALEMIE, Robert WAYUMBA

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Roads are the crucial geospatial feature and play vital role in national development and growth. They are the major component of nation infrastructure…

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Islands have been used as a base to establish facilities to support maritime operations. Japan had established a military radar facility on…

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The Agricultural progress of any region is generally influenced by the number of factors such as the physical, institutional, infrastructural and technological factors. All these factors are individually or collectively are responsible for the cropping patterns…

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The Brahmaputra river, a major trans-boundary river in the Eastern Himalayan region, originating in China flows through India and Bangladesh before draining into the Bay of Bengal. The river is known as Yarlung Tsangpo in Tibet..

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In 2014 in KL I delivered an initial paper which explored the opportunities and very real benefits that could be afforded not only to professionals working in land, property and construction surveying but also to clients, the public and society more generally by the setting…