Volume XIV, Issue 10, October 2018

High positioning accuracy and precise time transfer with PPP GNSS receivers

Dr. ing. Marco Lisi

A vision for a fully digital cadastral survey system

Anselm Haanen, Trent Gulliver

A Large-scale Monitoring System of Tree Tilt Angle through Integrating Smart Sensing Technology and GIS

Dr Man Sing WONG, Dr Billy C.H. HAU, Ka Wai HUI Karena, Dr Sawaid ABBAS

Tracking cities from the sky with Artificial Intelligence

Dr Shaunak De, Dr Avik Bhattacharya

UAV policy in India

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November 2018 to September 2019
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Absolute Precision, Effigis, EOS Positioning, Geomax, Hemisphere GNSS, Javad, Labsat, Leica, Linertec, NTLab, Pentax, Riegl, SBG System

Volume XIV, Issue 9, September 2018

Leveraging national land and geospatial systems for improved disaster resilience

Abbas Rajabifard, Mika-Petteri Törhönen, Katie Potts, Alvaro Federico Barra, Ivelisse Justiniano

GNSS disruption - What’s the risk?

Dana A. Goward

Reducing GNSS Receiver Vulnerabilities

John W. Betz

Self driving and flying robots

Akshay Bandiwdekar

A Geo-Spatial Information Approach to Planning for Rurban Clusters

Arpita Banerjee, Dr Mahavir

May 2018 | No Comment

Precise levelling is a traditional method to measure height differences. Currently work stages are performed by hand. In this paper the challenges of robotizing precise levelling measurements are discussed. The difference to the existing solutions…

May 2018 | No Comment

The ITU Membership considered and approved a package of eight ITU-R Recommendations on radionavigation-satellite service (RNSS) systems as listed below…

May 2018 | No Comment

Sweden has a long tradition in registration of land. We therefore have long experience in the field of real properties and how to handle the information. However, the fact that we have been doing this for so many years is not just an advantage…

Apr 2018 | No Comment

Laser scanning is one of the latest techniques applied in 3D survey and mapping. Currently it is the leading survey technology providing spatial data information. Laser scanning is a process of recording precise 3D information of real world objects or environments…

Apr 2018 | No Comment

The paper presents the results of research of various classification models for vertical displacements and their further prediction. When performing geodetic monitoring of complex engineering structures under reconstruction, the displacements of the structure is always unequally…