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Mar 2022 | No Comment

Brazilian Space Agency and AWS sign statement of strategic intent
The Brazilian Space Agency and Amazon Web Services (AWS) signed a Statement of Strategic Intent and Cooperation. The initiative, on which the Brazilian Embassy in Washington also collaborated, is the first of its kind for AWS in Latin America, and will support innovation and the …

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Planet launches 44 SuperDove satellites
Planet Labs PBC has announced the successful launch of its 4x Flock, consisting of 44 SuperDove satellites, into orbit on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. These 44 satellites will join Planet’s existing fleet of roughly 200 satellites in orbit. It has now launched 127 satellites across eight launches with SpaceX, …

Feb 2022 | No Comment

CHORUS Earth Observation mission
MDA Ltd has announced its next generation commercial Earth observation (EO) mission will be named CHORUS. It will initially include C-band and X-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites. A collaborative multi-sensor constellation, CHORUS will bring together multiple diverse and unique perspectives in harmony, opening the aperture and the art of the possible …

Jan 2022 | No Comment

Planet to acquire VanderSat
Planet is set to acquire VanderSat, a leading provider of advanced earth data and analytics. Vandersat’s products help customers better measure and understand water management and crop health in major markets. Planet intends to leverage VanderSat’s technologies and products in further pursuit of bringing to market next-generation solutions that combine the best …

Dec 2021 | No Comment

Hancom Group to launch Sejong-1 satellite in 2022
In the first half of 2022, Hancom InSpace, an affiliate of Hancom Group, working in cooperation with Spire Global, will launch Korea’s first private satellite for Earth observation. With this event, Hancom Group will be the first non-governmental entity in South Korea to put into space a satellite …

Oct 2021 | No Comment

First UAE Spectral library website for public use
The Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Centre at the College of Natural and Health Sciences at Zayed University has earned a commendable badge by presenting the first UAE Spectral Library website for public use.
The library will allow users to interact and access spectral information derived using hyperspectral camera and Field …

Oct 2021 | No Comment

BRICS to set up remotesensing satellite network
China will work with Russia, India, Brazil and South Africa to establish a network of remote-sensing satellites to help to deal with global challenges such as climate change, major disasters and environmental deterioration.
The heads of national space agencies in BRICS countries met recently via video link and signed the …

Sep 2021 | No Comment

Exploring the limits of spectral remote sensing imaging systems
The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, USA is funding a team of Rochester Institute of Technology imaging scientists to study the limits of spectral remote sensing imaging systems. Led by principal investigator John Kerekes, a professor in the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science, the team received a …

Aug 2021 | No Comment

Satellite imagery reveals three decades of coastal change
The evolution of Australia’s coastlines can now be seen in unprecedented scale and detail, via a new tool developed by Geoscience Australia’s Digital Earth Australia (DEA) program.
Using satellite imagery collected since 1988, DEA Coastlines maps annual changes to Australia’s coastlines to highlight long-term trends in coastal erosion and …

Aug 2021 | No Comment

Teledyne Optech launches CZMIL SuperNova
Teledyne Optech and Teledyne CARIS have announced their next generation bathymetric lidar, the CZMIL SuperNova. It boasts the best depth performance and the highest green laser point density in its class. Introducing SmartSpacing technology for even and efficient point spacing, realtime processing capability for reduced post-processing time and configurable modes …