Volume XIII, Issue 04, April 2017

Modification of the reference frame of Uzbekistan topographic maps based on the GNSS

Mirmakhmudov Erkin

Low cost aerial mapping with consumer grade drones

S L Madawalagama, N Munasinghe, S D P J Dampegama, L Samarakoon

National space policy 2030: Driving the space sector in Malaysia

Sholehah Ismail, Dr Noordin Ahmad

With e-Services towards transparent and trustworthy cadastre

Libor Tomandl, Vladimira Zufanova PhD.

Water Quality Estimate in the Isahaya Bay with UAV

Haruhiro Hidaka, Susumu Ogawa, Shuntaro Otsubo, Seiji Suzuki
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MAY 2017 TO OCTOBER 2017
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Volume XIII, Issue 03, March 2017

“Initial Services”, the new phase of the Galileo program

Dr ing Marco Lisi

Outcomes of SBAS-Africa projects

J Ostolaza, D Pérez, J J Lera, D Hill, V Boissinot, W Roberts, S Basker, E Avenant, G Lamprecht, S Sheppard, P Milway, Mercedes Reche

Space Weather, from the Sun to the Earth, the key role of GNSS

Dr Christine Amory- Mazaudier, Dr Rolland Fleury, Sharafat Gadimova, Abderrahmane Touzani

Fit for Purpose Parcel Mapping Methodologies for a Seamless Cadastre Database

Jack McKennas

Dec 2016 | No Comment

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) globally possess characteristics that render them vulnerable to greater impacts of economic, social and environmental shock than other countries….

Dec 2016 | No Comment

We present a novel lidar sensor allowing to measure shallow water depths from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in sub-decimeter accuracy…

Dec 2016 | No Comment

The GAGAN (GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation) system is a Space Based Augmentation System (SBAS) developed jointly by AAI and ISRO to deploy and certify an operational SBAS for the Indian Flight Information Region (FIR)…

Nov 2016 | No Comment

In aviation, the extension of the utilization of GNSS that today is only a complementary system for air navigation and air traffic management systems has become the priority of many national plans. By 2030 it is expected that GNSS will be the main navigation system…

Nov 2016 | No Comment

Trains remain one of the safest ways to travel in Europe, where millions of euros have been sunk into rail safety and infrastructure. According to the European Railway Agency (ERA), trains are far safer than most other forms of transportation within Europe and about as safe as air travel…