Volume 20, Issue 6, June 2024

Paving the Way for Renewable Power in Shared Spaces Empoweredby Land Administration System: The Role of Energy Entitlement

Aravind Poshnath, Behzad Rismanchi and Abbas Rajabifard

Digital transformation in India

Siva Kumar Rachapudi

GNSS Constellation Specific Monthly Analysis Summary: May 2024

Narayan Dhital

WILDetect: An intelligent platform to perform airborne wildlife census automatically in the marine ecosystem

Kaya Kuru, Stuart Clough, Darren Ansell, John McCarthy and Stephanie McGovern
My Coordinates
July 2024 - November 2024
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SBG System

Volume 20, Issue 5, May 2024

Towards automated nautical chart compilation and verification of output topology and safety

Tamer Nada, Christos Kastrisios, Brian Calder, Christie Ence, Craig Greene and Amber Bethell

GNSS Constellation Specific Monthly Analysis Summary: April 2024

Narayan Dhital


Kaya Kuru, Stuart Clough, Darren Ansell, John McCarthy and Stephanie McGovern

Sep 2023 | No Comment

ICEYE, a world-leading provider of natural catastrophe solutions and insights, has been selected by the Federal Government of Australia to supply flood and bushfire hazard data for all states and territories across the country.

Through this agreement with the Federal Government, ICEYE will contribute directly to efforts to strengthen Australia’scapabilities to manage the impact of flood and bushfire events …

Sep 2023 | No Comment

Optical semiconductor pioneer Lumotive has announced the launch of LM10, the first full production offering of its groundbreaking Light Control Metasurface (LCM™) technology – the world’s first digital beam steering solution.

Lumotive’s digital beam steering overcomes the limitations of traditional lidar sensors with its superior cost, size and reliability compared to mechanical systems. As pure solid-state optical semiconductors …

Sep 2023 | No Comment

Umbra, a leader in advanced space radar technology, has announced a strategic partnership with European Space Imaging (EUSI), a leading provider of Very High Resolution (VHR) optical satellite imagery. This partnership will allow customers to purchase Umbra’s industry-leading Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data directly through EUSI.

This collaboration offers a significant benefit to remote sensing data …

Sep 2023 | No Comment

Hesai Technology has announced a partnership with Webasto, the leading global automotive supplier of roof systems. Hesai will provide automotive lidar sensors to Webasto for its Roof Sensor Module for passenger cars with ADAS.

Hesai’s AT128 long range lidar has been integrated in Webasto’s current Roof Sensor Module, which features several cameras and lidars. Webasto system …

Sep 2023 | No Comment

Duke Energy has announced it is working with Accenture) and Microsoft  on the development of a new technology platform designed to measure actual baseline methane emissions from natural gas distribution systems.

This unique platform will provide near-real time data collection, allowing Duke Energy’s field response teams to more rapidly identify and repair methane leaks.

The cloud-hosted platform …