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Jul 2021 | No Comment

The objective of this article is to share the knowledge of alternative way of geoid determination with incorporating a high resolution GGM, terrain and GPS/levelling data

Dr H M I Prasanna

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Geomatics, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka, P.O. Box 02, Belihuloya, 70140, Sri Lanka

Development of GGMs
With the advent of new gravity dedicated satellite …

Apr 2021 | No Comment

At the Moscow University of Geodesy and Cartography the training course “C++ for cartographers and surveyors” is used to educate students. The C++ programming course focuses on the use of cartographic tasks and geodetic exercises to illustrate various programming language constructions. A computer training program to be used as…

Jan 2021 | No Comment

At the Moscow University of Geodesy and Cartography, junior students are taught C++ programming according to a new training course tailored specifically for future cartographers and surveyors.

Dec 2020 | No Comment

Over the past 10 years, the Moscow University of Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAiK) has been conducting a pedagogical experiment in teaching students of cartography and geodesy to program in C++ using a specifically developed training course…

Jul 2020 | No Comment

In the present paper we present a methodology, which is based on the verification of the common points of the two different geodetic systems and the implementation of the well-known 2D similarity transformation. The numerical application took part for the Northern part of Greece (Central and Eastern Macedonia)

Georgios Moschopoulos

Freelance Surveyor Engineer and member of the …

Apr 2019 | No Comment

In Mongolia, several Continuous GNSS stations are operated and managed by different agencies, private companies and national scientific institutions and these stations have been built for purposes such as topography, cartography, cadastral surveying geodynamic, mining and crustal movement monitoring.

Jun 2018 | No Comment

Since its establishment 25 years ago, SIRGAS (Spanish acronym for Geocentric Reference System for the Americas) is the starting point in Latin America dealing with acquisition and treatment of geospatial information with scientific…

Dec 2017 | No Comment

The territory of the Balkan Peninsula is well known as a very active tectonic zone. Various geophysical, geological and geodetic methods and approaches have been applied…

Oct 2017 | No Comment

The Survey of Israel (SOI) conducts nation-wide geodetic monitoring and check-ups of all measurements conducted for numerous public interests…

Aug 2017 | No Comment

In 2014, a preliminary geoid model has been computed for the Philippines i.e., Philippine Geoid Model 2014 (PGM2014)…