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In the present paper we present a methodology, which is based on the verification of the common points of the two different geodetic systems and the implementation of the well-known 2D similarity transformation. The numerical application took part for the Northern part of Greece (Central and Eastern Macedonia)

Georgios Moschopoulos

Freelance Surveyor Engineer and member of the …

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Time originally determined by the standard clock is called proper time, and the time calculated under the relativistic framework is called coordinate time. The time conversion calculated under the relativistic framework comes to precession, nutation, and polar motion correction models which calculate…

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China has invested enormous effort in manned space engineering. The Tiangong-1 and Shenzhou-8 have been launched, twice rendezvouses have been accomplished successfully. In order to meet the requirements of the manned space engineering on the TT&C network, and prepare for our country’s space station construction

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Space geodesy is a complete set of theory and method which uses natural objects or artificial objects to accurately determine the position of the point to determine the earth’s shape, size, external gravitational field and their changes over time…