Volume XIV, Issue 3, March 2018

Development of advanced earthquake prediction method using artificial intelligence

Shunji Murai, Shoichi Teshima

Education: Challenges in India

Maj Gen (Dr) B.Nagarajan, Susmita Bhattacharyya

Road design parameter analysis based on the GNSS data collected by android device

Akhilesh Kumar Karna, Dinesh Manandhar

Simple and effective RAIM technique for multiple outliers

Kong Longtao, Wang Wenli, Zhang Shuhui

Pushing beyond the limits of technology

Dr Burkhard Boeckem

Sentinel-1 SAR data based flood mapping and monitoring of River Kosi, Bihar, India

Shashi Shekhar
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Volume XIV, Issue 2, February 2018

Technology trends: From GPS to multi-constellation GNSS

Guy Buesnel

Academic drift and surveying education

Dr Garfield Young

Assessment of accuracy of basic maneuvers performed by an UAV during autonomous flight


Innovations and new standards for mapping of villages in Indonesia

Fahmi Amhar, Bambang Riadi, Fachrul Hidayat, Tia Rizka Nuzula Rachma

GNSS education: Prospects and challenges

Mia Filic´and Renato Filjar, Kosasih Prijatna and Dudy D Wijaya, Ashley Brooks, Mourad BOUZIANI, Dinesh Manandhar

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Considering its commitment to highlight the user rights issues, Integrated SpatialAnalytics Consultants (ISAC) has teamed up with Portuguese and Dutch academicians to focus in the current paper on the Indian Forest Rights Act from 2006 as the Use Case of indigenous property rights. United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples reaffirmed the importance of the protection of indigenous property rights in Articles 25- 29.

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Today global navigation systems have become a part of our everyday life. It is part of many useful things and assisted people in many ways. It is part of the marine, aircraft and traffic issues – from private user up to logistic cooperation. Also it is used in agricultural companies for precise farming as well as for information systems in all kind of tasks like geology, archeology, hydrology and a lot more. In the sector of engineering, it supports and guides the construction machines.

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As of February 2007, a Tide Gauge (TG) was set up in the Pasaia Harbour, in northern Spain (Figure 1). The main reason for such location was the existence of a Permanent GNSS Station and the access to the Internet and electricity in the AZTifacilities 15 m away.

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Imagine a country without any basic administration of land – their key asset. Imagine that tenure to land and property cannot be secured, and that mortgage loans cannot be established as a basis for property improvement. Imagine that the use and development of land is not controlled through overallplanning policies and regulations.

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The main goal of the new phenomenon is the participation of the citizens. Everyone can be involved by collecting and uploading data or by editing entries and monitoring the results. Different terms are interlinked to it; User Generated Content, Crowdsourcing and Neogeography are only a few of them share the main philosophy.