Volume XIII, Issue 08, August 2017

Indoor Positioning Using Probabilistic Virtual Anchor Point Graphs

Eike Jens Hoffmann

Synchronet service demonstration results in DEMETRA H2020 Project

Enrico Varriale, Quirino Morante

GNSS data for ionosphere characterization

Josip Vukovic´ , Tomislav Kos

PGM2016: A new Geoid Model for the Philippines

R Gatchalian, R Forsberg, A Olesen
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Volume XIII, Issue 07, July 2017

Geomagnetic observations and measurements in Israel

Dr Anna Shnaidman, Dr Boris Shirman, Yosef Melzer

Effect of GCPs in distribution and location on geometric correction of corona satellite image

Sao Hone Pha, Wataru Takeuchi

PNT systems in Ukraine: European Cooperation Aspects

Serhii Chernolevsky

Urban sprawl prediction using cellular automata

Kajal Himatlal Rana, Dhiraj A. Raut

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For the blind and partially sighted the visual cues which are a significant part of monitoring the environmental flow are either severely limited or non-existent. Thus the challenge is to be able to use man-made sensors and technology such as the smart phone based sensors to assist such individuals in monitoring the environment and collecting cues/ data about the environmental flow.

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Mumbai, the commercial and financial capital of India has seen two major terrorist attacks in last two decades; once in 1993, when Mumbai rocked in a series of blast and second time in November 2008 when Mumbai faced a fidayeen attack where less than a dozen terrorists held the city at ransom for almost 60 hours.

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Even if an upcoming revision of the said PSI Directive will lead to a duty for Member States to allow re-use, the decision about what information or data is made public would remain a domestic one. There are sound reasons for this; an important one is that the legislative competence of the EU to regulate access to national government information is limited.

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Consciously or not, all humans are navigators, so it is without wonder that satellite navigation has swiftly become a backbone of modern civilisation. All of the sudden, situation awareness and management become significantly improved by introduction of the helpful and inexpensive technology that provides positioning services of unprecedented quality.

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This paper summarizes the pre-signals before the earthquake which may be important information for predicting the occurrence of earthquakes as well as the crustal movement after the earthquake. At last a case study of simulation of future catastrophic earthquakes and Tsunami which may happen in coming a few hundred years by using archeological excavation data of the past great earthquakes