Volume XIII, Issue 12, December 2017

The generation of well geo-referenced floor plans and application in indoor navigation system

Guang-Je Tsai, Kai-Wei Chiang, Min-Chuan Tsai, You-Liang Chen, Jhen-Kai Liao

Performance evaluation of Single Baseline and Network RTK GNSS

Reha Metin ALKAN, Ì. Murat OZULU, Ì. Murat OZULU

Crowd monitoring through WiFi Data

Ciro Gioia, Francesco Sermi, Dario Tarchi, Michele Vespe

Are administrative boundaries in Google maps correct?

S. Vasantha Kumar

Deformation analysis of the Balkan Peninsula from GPS data 2011-2016

Keranka Vassileva, Georgi Valev , Mila Atanasova-Zlatareva

UAS in India: From a ‘no fly zone’ to a ‘fly zone’

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Stuart Woods
3D Australia
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Volume XIII, Issue 11, November 2017

Resilient PNT: Is it?

Guy Buesnel, Andy Proctor MA, John Pottle

BIM is the New GIS

Mohsen Kalantari

Rising expectations – Public institutions facing a new reality in a digital era

Daniel Janonius Löwgren

3D deformation analysis using GNSS data on Penggaron bridge of Semarang-Ungaran toll road section

Pratama, Rizal Adhi, Sunantyo, T Aris, Widjajanti, Nurrohmat

Evaluation of Landslide Hazard of Kohima, India

Kedovikho Yhoshü, YV Krishnaiah

GNSS Analysis Tools from Google

Frank van Diggelen

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Large scale seasonal atmospheric correction will be investigated using ERA-Interim meteorological model and GPS data. A twisted plane is also fitted to remove orbital errors. To investigate the long wavelength tectonic signal due to interseismic strain accumulation, a time series analysis of the selected Images has been done on a pixel basisin order to enhance signal to noise ratio affected by remaining atmospheric signal.

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Forest canopy density is an important criterion for forestry application. Several methods were introduced to compute these criteria. None manual methods use multispectral images to determine the canopy density. It also could be extracted from Arial images manually.

Sep 2012 | No Comment

To this end, spatial information
from IKONOS panchromatic image and spectral information from IKONOS multispectral
image was employed. Spatial resolutions of these images are 1m and 4m and the numbers
of bands are 1 and 4, respectively. The validity of the proposed method was substantiated
through comparison of IKONOS original image to the reconstructed image.

Sep 2012 | No Comment

This network is being developed based on national
standards to facilitate the connection of that with the networks of other countries
at the regional/global levels. This paper aims to describe the architecture of the
clearinghouse network and activities for the development of that.

Aug 2012 | No Comment

The Satellite Navigation solution is the most preferable, effective and economic aid to various Low and Medium Grade Inertial Sensors in order to get better Navigation accuracy for medium and long duration of navigation solutions. The navigation data from INS and Sat. Receiver at different intervals is synchronized and fused together by using Kalman Filter algorithm so as to obtain precise Navigation solution as long as Sat.