Volume XVII, Issue 5, May 2021

Assessment of GNSS-based systems for railways safety

Ernst Phillip Mrohs, Sravan Machiraju and Matthias Aichinger-Rosenberger

Australian Height Datum: Celebrating 50 years

Volker Janssen and Simon McElroy

Alexander’s wholeness as the scientific foundation of sustainable urban design and planning

Bin Jiang
My Coordinates
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GPSat Systems, Labsat, SBG System

Volume XVII, Issue 3, March 2021

Using geomatics to fight the pandemic in Italy: A case study

Michail Elaiopoulos, Nella Vulcano, Norman Kevin Pisterzi, Alessandro Bianchi and Cristiana Patruno

Surveying1 education – Prospects and challenges post COVID-19

David Mitchell

What do the New Geospatial Guidelines have for Spatial Planners?

Mahavir and Prabh Bedi

Systematic Land Tilling using Open Source Geospatial Software and Machine Learning: the MLG experience

Mehran Ghandehari, Mariam Paul, Sky Young , Didier Sagashya, Trent Larson, Ailey K. Hughes, Ben White and Duane Johnson

C++ for cartography and geodesy students: How Eratosthenes calculated the radius of the Earth

V R Zablotskii

Jun 2021 | No Comment

NASA recently flight tested a visual navigation system designed to enhance precise aerial positioning between two aircraft in supersonic flight.

The Airborne Location Integrating Geospatial Navigation System (ALIGNS) was developed to prepare for future acoustic validation flights of the X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Technology airplane. The X-59 is designed to reduce the loud sonic boom, heard on the …

Jun 2021 | No Comment

Blue Marble Geographics has announced the immediate availability of version 8.1 of the GeoCalc® Software Development Kit (SDK). The GeoCalc SDK provides developers with the advanced coordinate transformation toolkit behind Blue Marble’s Geographic Calculator, allowing them to incorporate it into their own programs.

With the GeoCalc SDK being widely used through many industries, recent updates keep the program …

Jun 2021 | No Comment

TCarta Marine, a global provider of marine geospatial products, has supplied the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) with satellite-derived bathymetry (SDB) validated by green laser altimeter data from the NASA ICESat-2 satellite for two U.S. shallow-water coastal areas.

TCarta was the subcontractor on the prime contract awarded to Woolpert, an international geospatial firm headquartered in …

Jun 2021 | No Comment

UAV Navigation has developed a specific flight control solution for VTOL platform. In order to bring this new flight control solution to reality, both development teams in fixed wing and rotary wing have worked together to create the most advanced VTOL solution on the market. Technological capabilities already existing in other solutions such as referenced …

May 2021 | No Comment

Trimble Geospatial has announced the availability of the latest version of the Trimble® eCognition® Suite.

eCognition Suite 10.1 includes a variety of great new tools and features that will streamline existing workflows and open the doors for new types of data analysis. For example, it is now possible for users to import pre-trained 3rd party TensorFlow models …