Volume XIII, Issue 10, October 2017

Smart sustainable cities for all: A socio-spatial approach

Maryam Rabiee, Abbas Rajabifard

The potential use of VGI for 3D cadastre surveys

Maria GKELI, Charalabos IOANNIDIS, Chryssy POTSIOU

Low cost GNSS and Geo-referencing

Tomoye Allen,Ronaldo Brown, Amahl Hutchinson, Keith Wignall, Glendon G. Newsome

Development of inverse pedagogy through the implementation of a wireless response system

Daniel Paez, Luis Rubio

Modern quality assessments for control points measurements and calculations

Omer Bar, Yuri Roy
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Volume XIII, Issue 09, September 2017

Review of the 3D Modelling Algorithms and Crowdsourcing

Maria GKELI, Charalabos IOANNIDIS, Chryssy POTSIOU

Mapping beyond boundaries

Dinebari Akpee, Gaage Friday Aabe, Aogo Olutosin Jacob, Needam Yiinu

Low Cost GNSS and Geo-referencing of Small Rural Cadastral Surveys

Tomoye Allen,Ronaldo Brown, Amahl Hutchinson, Keith Wignall, Glendon G. Newsome

Monitoring of the interference environment on large vehicles

Karen von Hünerbein, Werner Lange

Fishponds extraction using rule based classification and support vector machine of lidar data

R T Alberto, S C Serrano, G B Damian, E E Camaso, A R Biagtan,N Z Panuyas, J C Quibuyen

Feb 2015 | No Comment

Reference systems are used in Geodesy, Astronomy and Spatial information science extensively. In addition to well established systems like ICRF, MOD, TOD, and WGS84, various other systems are available that arise from intermediate or approximate transformations [6]…

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Currently a lot of basic and applied research in hydroacoustics mainly considers resources of various types, including models’ and calculated problems’ libraries. Similar to the Internet and network resources, the hydro acoustic models development is an actual task…

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Rivers are important sources of fresh and flowing inland water vital to the socio-economic functioning of society mainly for agricultural and urban service applications…

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The motion picture “Gravity” begins with a series of cascading failures. The destruction of one satellite creates orbiting debris. This debris sweeps through space destroying multiple satellites…

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Anation-wide Land Information System has the potential for providing the basis on which a National Spatial Data Infrastructure can be developed, given the strong similarities between the two concepts. In a country such as Tanzania where agriculture is the main sector of the economy..