Volume XII, Issue 09, September 2016

GNSS to save water

Laura Van de Vyvere, Olivier Desenfans

Brazil towards an Effective Cadastre with SIGEF

Thiago Batista Marra, Kilder José Barbosa, Eduardo Aguilar de Oliveira

An SDI Model to Spatially Enable Peri-Urban Areas in Mozambique

Ana Priscila PedroFrancisco, Professor Abbas Rajabifard

GNSS interference and signal degradation events assessment

Ana Bodero, Francisco Jiménez, Alfredo García de Fernando, Ángel Marín Valencia, Victor Arribas, Pilar Gómez

Point clouds and orthomosaics from photographs

Maria João HENRIQUES, Dora ROQUE, Nádia BRAZ
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Volume XII, Issue 08, August 2016

Lessons learned from the development of GNSS integrity augmentations

Sam Pullen

Comprehension of the Eye of the Navigator

LtCdr Odd Sveinung Hareide, Dr Runar Ostnes

The integration of UAVs into the civilian airspace will open up a new market

Siddappaji B

The U.S. commercial drone community gets back to business

Patrick Egan

IoT and Drones: A tale of two technologies

Biren Gandhi

Indoor Maps – the new frontier of mapmaking

Joseph Leigh, Stefan Gimeson

The wider potential market is still waiting for solutions

Matteo Faggin

End users used to GPS navigation, expect the same service on indoors

Dr Thomas Burgess

Geodetic measurements in the area of Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant

Professor Georgi Valev, D Sc, Eng Georgi Rainov, Professor Keranka Vassileva

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The South Asian region is highly sensitive to the consequences of climate change1. It is known to be the most disaster prone region in the world supporting a huge population of more than 1.3 billion…

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In all development cooperation projects in the field of land administration, initially, the particular national and regional characteristics must be considered…

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Accessing integrated spatial information for land development and economic initiatives is often ridiculously difficult. Much of a country’s spatial data is managed in closed systems of government…

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It is generally believed that exploitation of Global Satellite Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) together with advanced mobile communications for signalling and train control will significantly improve safety…

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The huge Kumamoto Earthquake 2016 occurred at 1:25am, April 16, 2016 in the vicinity of Kumamoto City, Kyushu Island, Japan (see Figure 1). This destructive earthquake…