Volume XIV, Issue 1, January 2018

High Resolution Topography database generation using Airborne LiDAR

V Raghu Venkataraman, PVSSN Gopala Krishna

Technology Trends and Innovation Challenges

Ron Bisio, Mark Sampson, Thibault BONNEVIE, Jean-François Baudet, Jean-Christophe Zufferey, Dr Ivan G Petrovski, Christian Sevcik, John Fischer,

An IGS-based simulator of ionospheric conditions for GNSS positioning quality assessment

Mia Filic´, Renato Filjar, Jingnong Weng

Improving availability of the EGNOS system in Algeria for dual frequency

Lahouaria TABTI, Salem KAHLOUCHE, Belkacem BENADDA
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Volume XIII, Issue 12, December 2017

The generation of well geo-referenced floor plans and application in indoor navigation system

Guang-Je Tsai, Kai-Wei Chiang, Min-Chuan Tsai, You-Liang Chen, Jhen-Kai Liao

Performance evaluation of Single Baseline and Network RTK GNSS

Reha Metin ALKAN, Ì. Murat OZULU, Ì. Murat OZULU

Crowd monitoring through WiFi Data

Ciro Gioia, Francesco Sermi, Dario Tarchi, Michele Vespe

Are administrative boundaries in Google maps correct?

S. Vasantha Kumar

Deformation analysis of the Balkan Peninsula from GPS data 2011-2016

Keranka Vassileva, Georgi Valev , Mila Atanasova-Zlatareva

UAS in India: From a ‘no fly zone’ to a ‘fly zone’


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Last year in Android Nougat, we introduced APIs for retrieving Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Raw measurements from Android devices. Last month, we publicly released GNSS Analysis Tools to process and analyze these measurements…

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Landslide comprises almost all the varieties of mass movements on slopes, rock falls, topples and debris flow that involve little or no sliding (Varnes and IAEG, 1984). Landslides are considered as a major natural geologic hazard occurring…

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Penggaron bridge is located in Semarang-Ungaran toll road, 20th kilometer in Susukan region, East Ungaran, Semarang. According to PT. Transmarga Central Java, The bridge is relatively new and actively used since 2010, but the bridge is visually deformed as indicated by small cracks in some pillars of the bridge.

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Public institutions face new expectations every day, as citizens, companies and elected representatives expect them to improve their services and streamline processes by adopting new technologies. While the development of new technologies…

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In general, our industry offers surveying and mapping services, survey equipment and GIS services. More recently it also provides BIM services. In the surveying and mapping, our industry offers data collection services, and at a higher level…