Volume XIII, Issue 06, June 2017

Mobile Mapping System in Reconstruction and Expansion of Highway in India

Rick Ma

An eye on magnetic field anomalies along the roads

Matej Bažec, Aleksander Grm, Franc Dimc

EGNOS multimodal performance

Pedro Pintor, Roberto Roldán, Manuel Lopez- Martinez, Alina Hriscu

Instruments of land mobilisation – concepts and examples

Walter Timo de Vries

The Evolution of Remote Sensing UAVs/Drones Applications in the Urban Planning

Norzailawati Mohd Noor, Nur Aulia Rosni
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Volume XIII, Issue 05, May 2017

Robust Signal Processing for GNSS

Daniele Borio

Smart Counting – Oil Palm tree inventory with UAV

Bahareh Kalantar, Mohammed Oludare Idrees, Shattri Mansor, Alfian Abdul Halins

MTCAS: An e-Navigation Assistance System for Cooperative Collision Avoidance at Sea

Christian Denker, Axel Hahn

Design and integration of a lightweight multirotor UAV for remote sensing applications

Chirag Gupta, Dibyajyoti Chutia, Victor Saikhom, Puyam S Singh, Avinash Chouhan, Nilesh Sharma, Anjan Debnath, BK Handique, Chandan Goswami, Abdul Qadir Khan, KK Sarma, PLN Raju, Jonali Goswami, Mhathung Kithan, Atho-O Kesiezie

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Water gates in the Isahaya bay were closed because of reclamation construction which started in 1989, and water conversion became a very serious problem. Then, the authors have carried out remote sensing research with a few centimeters…

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Information has generally been one of the most precious goods in recent decades. It is possible to buy and sell it, to barter it or just only freely provide it. The value of the information itself is very often based on the fact that it is…

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In the era where the country is heading towards the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Internet of Things (IoT),the reliance on space capabilities in daily activities, modernization of the state and economic development has increased accordingly….

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Drones are defined as flying robots in simple terms which are formally known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). The main distinctive characteristic of drones is the design to be operated with no onboard pilot. They are operated by remote controller or can fly autonomously through software controlled flight plans….

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Creating of national reference frame is not an easy task because Earth’s crust continuously undergoes various deformations. Repeated geodetic determinations of the positional relationships and elevations of points on the earth’s surface at certain time intervals make it possible…