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Recent enhancements in satellite remote sensing has increased the value of remotely sensed data for marine ecologist…

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“Two important characteristics of maps should be noticed. A map is not the territory it represents, but, if correct, it has a similar…

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September 2019


24 – 27 September
Florence, Italy

October 2019

The 8th FIG Land Administration Domain Model Workshop (LADM 2019)

4th International Conferenceon Smart Data and Smart Cities (SDSC2019)

Geomatics Geospatial Technology (GGT2019)

1 – 3 October Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, http://www.geoinfo.utm

40th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing (ACRS)

13 – 18 October Deajuong City, Korea

Commercial UAV Expo Americas

28 – 30 October

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Professor David Last

Consultant Engineer and Expert Witness specialising in Radio Navigati on and Communicati ons Systems. He is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Bangor, Wales and Past-President of the Royal Insti tute of Navigati on

In July this year, Galileo suff ered a week-long outage? How do you regard this ‘technical incident’?
Outages can happen. …

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Chris Rizos

Chris Rizos is an Emeritus Professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and a co-director of the Satellite Navigation and Positioning (SNAP) Lab at UNSW. Chris is president-elect of the International Union of Geodesy & Geophysics (IUGG).

Professor Rizos’ early fascination with old maps and Australia’s exploring pioneers sparked his own exploration of …

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Matteo Sgrenzaroli

co-founder and the person responsible for research and development at Gexcel srl.

Gexcel started with the mission to turn the latest scientific achievements in the field of geomatics into hitech products and services for wide areas of application. How far have you been able to achieve your mission?
We can say that we achieved our mission …

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Remote Sensing Systems optimizes the usage of advanced camera sensor technology for capturing satellite imageries of objects present on the earth, by means of transmitting signals and spectral radiance captured through a…

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“Until further notice, users may experience service degradation on all Galileo satellites” the Notice Advisory to Galileo Users (NAGU) issued by the European GNSS Service…

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A common view is that a cadastral system is needed to ensure effi cient exchange as well as suitable use of real property units (e.g. Enemark et al., 2005)…

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An outage
That lasted a weeklong (11th July’19 onwards)
Again re-emphasizes the GNSS vulnerabilities.
As stakes are high, so are the worries.
There will be plausible explanations
To such technical incidents
Yet they do not lessen the likely consequences.
Voices making the case for complementarity among GNSS systems
And lobby for back-up system
Gain further credence.

Bal Krishna, Editor