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For over 20 years, governments in developing and developed countries have invested worldwide on improving the certainty of rights, restrictions and responsibilities by implementing land tenure reform projects…

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Diurnal Total Electron Content (TEC) variations prior to Mw 6.2 Tajikistan Earthquake of 9th May 2018 were investigated for pre earthquake…

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Among the approximately 2.5 billion tonnes of solid waste produced globally in 2010, about 275 million tonnes was mismanaged plastic…

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Protecting privacy
When a trade off is made
Between convenience and personal information
We not only underestimate the value of the information
But many a times underestimate its potential exploitation, as well
And we do not realize when and how
The technology that otherwise is pushed as a facilitator,
Turns into a surveillance tool.
Is it true that in bio-techno sphere
Where we live …

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June 2019

United Nations/Fiji Workshop on the applications of GNSS

24 – 28 June 2019
Suva, Fiji

July 2019

Esri User Conference

8 – 12 July
San Diego, California

August 2019

Nine-month post graduate courses on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and Satellite Communications (SATCOM)

1 August 2019- 30 April 2020 Space Applications Centre (SAC), Ahmedabad, India,

Smart Geospatial Expo

7 – 9 August Seoul, Republic …

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A trend of densely populated highrise residential, commercial and office buildings are transforming the urban environments in increasingly complex infrastructure development areas…

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Tokyo metropolitan city is divided into 23 wards. Shibuya-ward is one of them and is in the western part of central Tokyo area…

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Drones are becoming popular day by day in professional applications of mapping in the fields of surveying, agriculture, mining, structural inspection, etc…

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The emergence of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) has provided a remarkable opportunity to determine and manage position…

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Setting an example
As the state of Odisha in India grapples with the aftermath of cyclone Fani,
What deserves to be appreciated
Is the initial response of the Odisha government.
Timely weather alerts, preparedness and public participation
Have played the key roles.
Though Fani has caused massive devastation,
Loss of lives were limited to 41
Given …