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Recently, a number of conifers dying due to climate change are being found in high altitude areas of Korean national parks. The existing tree investigation method has been judged by the human visual interpretation. However, with Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) it is not only possible to measure large areas immediately…

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The number of people killed in pleasure craft accidents in Norway has been relatively stable for the last 10 years ranging between 38 and 24. In 2015 the number was 37 and in 2016, 27 (Berntsen, 2017). The reduction in deaths by 2016…

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In Mongolia, several Continuous GNSS stations are operated and managed by different agencies, private companies and national scientific institutions and these stations have been built for purposes such as topography, cartography, cadastral surveying geodynamic, mining and crustal movement monitoring.

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When notion of safety crashes
Two crashes within a short span of 5 months.
In October it was PT Lion Mentari Airlines’ Flight 610, Indonesia
And now Ethiopian Airlines Group Flight 302.
Boeing Co.’s 737 Max jet was in service.
Passenger comforts, technologically advanced, cheaper to run,
fuel efficient, …
Wish air safety was a prime …

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April 2019

Commercial UAV Expo Europe

8-10 April
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Pacific PNT

8-11, April
Honolulu, HI USA

European Navigation Conference 2019

9 – 12 April
Warsaw, Poland

FIG Working Week 2019

22 – 26 April
Hanoi, Vietnam

XIII International Navigation Forum & NAVITECH-2019

23 – 26 April Moscow, Russia

AUVSI Xponential 2019

29 April – 2 May
Chicago, United States

May 2019

13th Annual Baska …

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Geosciences, along with many other professional fields, have been deeply impacted during the past couple of decades…

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Various 3D imaging techniques have been developed during the past few decades in order to meet the increasing requirements of industrial and social applications…

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Photogrammetry techniques become easier, faster and cheaper now due to technological developments for mapping [1], [5]…

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the global strategy with the focuses of 17 global issues, covering the hunger and poverty, life and prosperity, work and living conditions…

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What is an “epoch” and how does this cause a GPS Week Rollover issue?