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Jun 2024 | No Comment


OpenAI unveils GPT-4o,
The latest iteration of AI chatbot technology,
Promising enhanced speed, advanced capabilities,
And an engaging conversational style.
Real time interaction, image recognition, language translation,
And interestingly, emotion detection
A significant advancement in man-machine interaction,
When machine will understand human emotions.
With apparent promises of positive social impacts,
Greater are the worries …

May 2024 | No Comment

The recent spell of downpour,
Of more than the annual rainfall in 24 hours,
In South West Asia during April 14-16,
Battered the Dubai city,
Triggered flash floods across northern Oman,
Affected many other countries in the region.
With several reported fatalities,
And significant damages to local infrastructure, buildings and agriculture,
The intensities of such extreme weather events,
Are likely to be amplified by …

Mar 2024 | No Comment


The European Parliament has approved the EU AI Act on 13th March 2024.
The first of its own kind.
The Act envisions to prohibit AI with unacceptable level risks.
A few more countries are likely to follow the suit
May be with different approach and focus.
If the focus of the EU is on safe …

Mar 2024 | No Comment

Galileo now meets international standards,
To guide civil aviation from take-off to landing,
Can complement EGNOS for the most critical operations.
Though initially not designed to comply
The rigorous standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
Needed for so-called Safety of Life operations,
As Europe already had EGNOS for this purpose,
Galileo has been modifi ed and retuned,
With technical meticulousness,
For the …

Feb 2024 | No Comment


In a landmark agreement,
European Union officials have reached a provisional deal on
The world’s first comprehensive laws
To regulate the use of artificial intelligence.
The proposed law contemplates,
To prohibit cognitive behavioural manipulation of people,
Classifying people based on behaviour, socioeconomic status or personal characteristics,
Biometric identification and categorisation of people, …

Jan 2024 | No Comment


The projected achievement of COP28, Dubai
Need to transition away from fossil fuels in energy system,
In a just, orderly and equitable manner,
Neither has any binding nor the timeline to adhere to.
Tripling the global target of the capacity of renewable energy,
Doubling the rate of energy efficiency improvements by 2030
Are the …

Dec 2023 | No Comment

As the world rages with debate,
About who is right,
And whose rights are endangered,
There unfolds a ‘humanitarian catastrophe’…
The death toll is mounting…
Where even babies have become most unfortunate victims,
Who are symbols of hope and happiness,
Who don’t and can’t take sides.
Humanity is paramount…
It must prevail!

Bal Krishna, Editor


Nov 2023 | No Comment


Prof M S Swaminathan,
A plant geneticist, agronomist, agricultural scientist,
An advocate of sustainable agriculture,
A proponent of the use of technology in general, and geospatial in particular,
With a caution “not to worship technology, but the outcome one desires”,
And a key architect of India’s ‘green revolution’
Who also warned against ‘greed revolution’ A
nd …

Oct 2023 | No Comment


The disasters that recently hit Morocco and Libya
Are different in nature,
But they remain same in terms of deaths and devastations.
The victims, as generally happens in such situations,
Were largely left to fend for themselves
The trauma of the affected,
Though, will take a long time to heal,
The world is quick …

Sep 2023 | No Comment

The GPS-aided GEO augmented navigation (GAGAN) –
The Indian satellite based augmentation system (SBAS),
Has widely been used in aviation since its inception.
However, the applications in non-aviation segments
Such as railways, surveys, marine, disaster management, LBS, research …
Have been not only been encouraged but also publicised time to time
Like Real Time Train Information System, Gagan Message Service (GAMES) …