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Sep 2021 | No Comment


In this year itself, there have been many worrying events of extreme weathers.
In Greenland, for the first time rain fell at the highest point of its ice sheet.
If there are extreme level of flooding in Germany, China and Australia,
Then the Western US is facing one of the worst droughts.
Unprecedented heat waves …

Aug 2021 | No Comment

When it hit, it hit hard.
The second wave of Covid-19 in India.
Millions infected, hospitals overwhelmed, crumbling health infrastructure, …
Many were struggling – for doctors, medicines, beds in hospitals, oxygen cylinders, cremations,…
With little or no support.
The best was that medical fraternity scrambled to do whatever it could,
And many volunteered to help, to serve, to donate, …
The …

Aug 2021 | No Comment


A new race in space.
First Richard Branson in Virgin Galactic
then Jeff Bezos in Blue Origin
and Elon Musk in SpaceX to follow.
Space tourism is a new ‘buzz’
Appears to satisfy the urges of the mighty and wealthy.
It also opens up new avenues of desires and damages,
Given the human record of …

Jul 2021 | No Comment


For the civilian use of drones, India has the guidelines in place.
In March 2021, the Ministry of Civil Aviation notified the Unmanned Aircraft System Rules.
Recently, the government has invited bids to use drones for the delivery of Covid-19 vaccines and other medicines for remote areas.
Telangana state government in India engages with Flipkart …

Jun 2021 | No Comment


As the Covid-19 virus keep surging again and again,
The world rushes to get vaccinated.
And some saw and see opportunities in many ways,
There are many, who contributed to the crisis,
There are few who rival for credits and occupying market share.
Hence, my vaccine is better than yours!
Though the debate is understandable …

Apr 2021 | No Comment


Another feat of human perseverance
When the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover
Landed on the surface of Mars on Feb 18,2021
To look for habitability, seek biosignatures, cashing samples and
test oxygen production from the Martian atmosphere.
Equipped with new entry, descent, and landing (EDL) technologies, such as Terrain-Relative Navigation (TRN),
That allows the rover to …

Mar 2021 | No Comment

‘What is readily available globally does not need to be regulated’,
So says, the ‘Guidelines for acquiring and producing Geospatial Data and Geospatial Data Services including Maps’ released by the Government of India on Feb 15, 2021.
This has been said many times for the last so many years,
By many who relentlessly kept advocating and demanding
To unleash …

Jan 2021 | No Comment

When WhatsApp recently proposed certain changes in their privacy policy in certain parts of the world,
There was an outrage.
And this further has triggered a rush to the possible alternatives, which are just a few.
What purported as empowering,
Technology has entrenched deep in our lives.
And worse, has enslaved us. What we do, what we eat, where we …

Dec 2020 | No Comment

This was the year, in which most of us have a story to tell,
This was also a year, which was a story in itself.
This was the year when many lost lives and millions livelihoods,
This was also the year when grits get glitters and valor.
This was the year that showed that the mankind is not as …

Dec 2020 | No Comment


As the gloom that has engulfed since last year persists,
And the prolonged agony borders the endurance limit,
The buzz around Covid-19 vaccine naturally enthralls.
Billions await with hope for a dose (or two as reported)
Even though the efficacy of the vaccine is still being tested and optimized.
The experts grapple with distribution strategies, …