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Jun 2023 | No Comment


The concerns regarding Generative AI keeps widening –
From cheating on home assignments in education sector
To further proliferation of fake news, copyright issues, employment concerns and so on.
Open AI CEO Sam Altman in his representation before the US Congress
Reportedly emphasized on the importance of government intervention
In reducing the implications …

Apr 2023 | No Comment


Several tech doyens have called for a six-month pause on AI chatbot research.
The UNESCO has urged the governments around the world to implement an ethical framework for AI systems.
Italy temporarily bans ChatGPT over privacy concerns.
Few other countries are regulating, legislating or may even follow Italy’s path.
An Australian mayor threatens to …

Mar 2023 | No Comment


GPT-4, Google Bard AI, Character.AI, Bing AI Chat, YouChat, …
These growing and evolving bots,
Have already encroached the cognitive domain,
Are gearing up for a fierce battle of supremacy among themselves,
And eventually some of them,
May rein in the world of the technology,
And in due course, the humankind
Who apparently has …

Mar 2023 | No Comment


On February 6th, when the earth trembled for a few seconds,
Cities collapsed in southern Turkey and northern Syria,
Thousands perished.
It happened not for the first time and nor will be the last,
But stories unfold in the similar manner in most of the cases.
A repeated reminder to all of us sitting on …

Feb 2023 | No Comment


Many residents of Joshimath, a small town in Uttarakhand, India,
Are compelled to leave as it sinks.
Some consider it as a consequence of reckless developmental activities,
Whereas some opine it as a natural disaster, instead of man-made.
Meanwhile, a recent ISRO report that mentioned the rapid subsidence of the city,
Has been taken off …

Dec 2022 | No Comment


A long and much sought after goal has been achieved when,
The researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California,
For the first time managed to produce more energy than it takes in,
In a nuclear fusion reaction.
This remarkable feat, which is both impressive and promising,
Has the potential to transform …

Nov 2022 | No Comment


The euphoria around the creation of the Loss and Damage Fund
At the 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations
Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27)
Has limited justifiability.
Though even to achieve this has been a herculean task, it is still not sufficient.
The objective of such negotiations should be simple. …

Nov 2022 | No Comment


NASA’s the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission,
Launched on November 23, 2021, Designed to test method of deflecting an asteroid,
Successfully slammed an asteroid Dimorphos on September 26, 2022.
The collision expected to change the asteroid’s orbit.
This is first time when mankind has altered the path of a celestial body,
And a demonstration of …

Sep 2022 | No Comment


Recently, an Immarsat led team of companies in the UK
Began the broadcasting satellite navigation signal.
This was done in coordination with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Union Space Programme Agency (EUSPA).
And was intended to explore the national capability in resilient PNT.
The …

Jul 2022 | No Comment


The first of the few glimpses,
Seizing the moments of cosmic history
Captured by the James Webb Space Telescope
Have been released.
The first image depicts SMACS 0723,
According to NASA is
“the deepest and sharpest infrared image of distant universe to date”.
This takes us to the world of stars and galaxies,
Never seen …