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Mar 2009 | Comments Off on Polluted space



On Feb 10, 2009 two communication satellites collided in space.
It happened over Northern Siberia, 490 miles above the earth surface.
The low-earth orbit (LEO) location of the collision …

Feb 2009 | Comments Off on Defining limits



A group of Japanese professionals and lawyers have asked Google to
stop providing the detailed street level images of Japanese cities.
Their concern is that it violates privacy rights.
The ‘owners of the technology’ tend to demonstrate the extent
to which the technology can go and what …

Jan 2009 | Comments Off on A cautious welcome to 2009



Economic slowdown, meltdown, recession…
Cost cut, retrenchments, …
Fears, uncertainty, survival issue…
Is geomatics industry immune?
No, if we talk about banking, retail or auto segments…
To an extent yes, if we think about government-driven infrastructure projects.
Defence, internal security, …
Appears, we are heading towards diffi cult times.
It is also a time to correct fundamentals.
Focus on forgotten sectors like agriculture.

Dec 2008 | No Comment

The Wenchuan Earthquake occurred in Sichuan Province, China on the 12th May 2008 with M 8.0 in Richter Scale and 10km depth which resulted in more than 90,000 dead and missing. It is reported that the total loss is more than 170 Billion US Dollars…

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The competition started nearly two decades ago in the United States as the National Engineers Week Future City Competition with the aim to provide fun and exciting educational engineering programs for school students by combining stimulating engineering challenges with ‘hand-on’ application to enable them to present their vision of a city of the future…

Dec 2008 | Comments Off on People die and will die



India witnesses another onslaught of brutality, helplessly.
A country of more than a billion, the world’s largest democracy, the rising Asian space power, nuclear power… was held to ransom.
For more than 60 hours.
By a small, but heavily armed, well-trained and highly motivated group.
An execution of meticulous planning, using advanced technologies like digital maps, satellite …

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Coordinates : A resource on positioning, navigation and beyond » Blog Archive » Understanding land administration systems…

Nov 2008 | Comments Off on Yes, we can!



The moon mission of India.
A display of technological prowess.
And willingness.
On November 4, Chandrayaan-1 …

Oct 2008 | Comments Off on Ignoring foundations



When professions like Engineering, Information Technology, etc thrive,
The surveying profession loses its charm.
Despite, Surveying is a critical Service also.
A Service that serves the society and people at large.
A ‘less rewarding’ profession, may be.
Not glorified. Not acknowledged.
But, it is a profession that lays the foundation of so much more.
Though foundations are invisible.
The importance of foundations …

Sep 2008 | Comments Off on Land matters



From the role of land administration in sustainable development…
To the promotion of effective land markets.
e-land administration, land registration, cadastral surveying and mapping.
Poverty reduction and protection of vulnerable groups.
A range of issues.
The 14th PCIGIAP meet at Kuala Lumpur discussed and deliberated all.
Another step in a long journey…
The journey which is difficult and tortuous.
Understandably, when one deals …