Adding dimensions to the domain

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Adding dimensions to the domain GPS import in India was derestricted in Jan,04 – Bal Krishna, june’05 If we go strictly by rule that exists on paper, making a GPS operational without a license from WPC is not allowed – P. K. Garg, July’05

If GPS needs a license to operate in India then what is the procedure for obtaining that license – Sudipto Roy, Jan07 It was easy to have detected Sumatra Offshore Earthquake from GPS – Shunji Murai and Harumi Araki, July’05 Rapid data acquisition and information services have contributed greatly to the rescue work and disaster relief efforts in Wenchuan Earthquake – Deren Li, July’08

Muneendra Kumar Speaks
If you have GPS, who needs a Geodesist? – Dec’05 “The usage of GPS surveyed accurate ellipsoidal heights will be significantly cost effective and time saving for any project.”- Jan’06 “Any ITRF does not constitute a geodetic system. It is adopted to define the system”- June’07
The National Map Policy
Hope that guidelines will be comprehensive, clear and fair. Ajay Lavakare – July’05 It stands as a pale shadow of the original proposal – Amitabha Pande Aug’05 The concept of the Map Transaction Register sounds to be too rigid – J G Krishnayya, Jun’06
SiReNT – Positioning Singapore for the future – Singapore Land Authority,- Aug’06 MyRTKnet has been successfully implemented with the establishment of a Network of Ref Stations – JUPEM, June’06


A unique reference frame for the American continent was established by geodetic observation campaigns, SIRGAS95 and 2000 – May’06 I believe it is a myth that Galileo will give Europe independence of the US – David Last, Feb’07
The market will move away from pure navigation to also-navigation – Alden Lee, May’07 Indian customers want cheap and best – Amit Prasad, Nov’08 Time to inject more realism into the Galileo Programme – Miguel Romay Merino, Sep-07
Galileo is daunting technologically, frightening financially, and maddening by the complex layers of intra- European political hurdles – F. Michael Swiek, Sep-07 Is certification of Galileo a bureaucratic overhead? – Martin Grzebellus, April’08 There is a need for surveyors that want to grow in GIS and GIS people who have survey inclination – Jack Dangermond, March’07
There is threat to both professions unless it is recognised that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. – Craig Roberts, June’07 We should build this bridge and should aim at integrating these two areas – Stig Enemark, June’07 A close cooperation of universities with industry is necessary in satellite navigation – Günter W Hein, March’ 07


Students need to know capabilities and limitations of GNSS – Deok Won Lim, Jan’09 Geomatics industry in India has been primarily catering to the demands of set trends – S. Ghosh & S. Biswas, Jan’09 India is locked in wrong and outdated datum – Munnendra Kumar, Aug’06 We need Everest2007 soon!! – Lt Gen S P Mehta (Retd), Late M N Kulkarni and N K Agrawal, Feb’07 Survey of India took a conscious decision to switchover from Everest co-ordinate system to Geocentric co-ordinate system (ITRF) – Brig (Dr) B Nagarajan & R K Sawhney, April’07 Methodologies have to be evolved and institutional framework should further be strengthened – Dr K Kasturirangan, July’06
In ambitious programmes, it takes time to reach consensus. V S Ramamurthy, Jul’ 06 Make SDI happen now… or else there will be a good Indian spatial database from outside soon – Mukund Rao, Aug’ 07 The future will see the combined use of GPS and other GNSS – Ian Dowman, Nov’05
If the US withdraw GPS signal, the GAGAN system will collapse – K Ramalingam, Jan’06 GPS cannot be selectively turned off – Michael Shaw, July’07 Biggest GPS market in Japan is car navigation – H Nishiguchi, Mar’06 It is a time to talk about Asian satellite navigation system – Gyu-In Jee, Oct’ 06 Market needs will decide a nation’s geospatial policy – Matthew O’Connell, June’ 07 With slashed products prices, we will see improved web based services – V Jayaraman, Jan’ 09 Continued innovation is a primary driver for us – S Berglund, May’ 09 Future convenience and high value of GNSS data and applications will have a revolutionary impact – Keith D McDonald -Jan’ 08
The most promising technology will be made by the digital convergence of WLAN, RFID and UWB – Sang Jeong Lee – Jan’ 08 New signals, new applications, lower prices, more accuracy. All points to the acceleration of the navigation and positioning revolution – John Pottle -Jan’ 08 Map the earth to enrich the globe – Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, Dec’06 Errors by operators during vector capture from 3-D models require extensive rework – B Chintalapuri, V. Raghu Venkataraman, March’08 Neither the goals nor the procedures of 3D mapping are clearly defined yet. The available technologies require a fresh approach to mapping”- A Gruen, K Wolff, July’ 08
Growth driver of LBS after 2005, was the development and availability of assisted-GPS technology – R Challamel, Sep’08 There is significant market potential for mobile navigation in India – Steve Brazier, May’08 Mobile spatial information service for pedestrians must provide useful instructions to the individual’s – Alexandra Millonig, Aug’08
Authoritative data are closest to the source, authentic and accurate for the functions that they are intended for – L J Khoi, Feb’09
NMOs use their own traditions in map-making. It is difficult to hold them- P Nag, Feb’09 Chandrayaan-1 is India’s first mission to moon for remote sensing and mapping of the lunar surface – P K Srivastava, B Gopala Krishna and Amitabh, Apr’09

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