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Nov 2020 | No Comment

Practical solutions for the protection of smallholder land rights

Timothée Rukundo

Program Manager for ZOA in the Democratic Republic of Congo

David Betge

Sector Specialist for Land Rights and Peacebuilding at ZOA Netherlands

In the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), insecurity of tenure rights, displacement, poverty and general security issues are major obstacles to economic and social …

Jul 2020 | No Comment

This paper outlines how AUSPOS and CORSnet-NSW are used to support datum modernisation in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, and investigates the performance of AUSPOS across the State

Volker Janssen

Senior Technical Surveyor in the Geodetic Operations team at NSW Spatial Services in Bathurst, Australia.

Simon McElroy

Senior Surveyor, leading the Geodetic Operations team at NSW Spatial Services in …

Jul 2020 | No Comment

Fiji has land ownership in Fiji are three different tenureship in state land (4%), native land (90%) and freehold (6%). With 90% of native land ownership, there lies traditional and sentimental ties to the land and its protocols.

Mar 2019 | No Comment

Geosciences, along with many other professional fields, have been deeply impacted during the past couple of decades…

Apr 2018 | No Comment

In the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Doc 7300) (Chicago Convention), signed at Chicago on 7 December 1944, any aircraft intended to be flown without a pilot on board is referred to as a “pilotless aircraft”…

Feb 2018 | No Comment

Satellite navigation has become a component of national infrastructure and therefore one of the pillars of the modern civilisation. This inevitably requires knowledgeable, skilled and competent professionals who will be able to advance…

Feb 2018 | No Comment

The use of UAVs in various works is becoming increasingly popular. They are commonly used in surveying as well as preparation of photographic and video documentation of various objects [5],[7]…

Feb 2018 | No Comment

As universities strive to find a balance between theory and practice; and between generic and specialist knowledge and competencies, a real concern is that there may be a disproportionate shift towards a greater academic approach and a concomitant shifting…

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The Union Minister of Civil Aviation Shri P. Ashok Gajapathi Raju and the Minister for State for Civil Aviation Shri Jayant Sinha presented and briefed the media about the draft regulation….

Feb 2016 | No Comment

A major disaster puts any land administration system at risk of failure at the time it is most needed. This paper addresses the lessons that Nepal may learn from 2 quite…