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Alexander Wiechert

CEO at Vexcel Imaging in an interview with Coordinates at the launch of new Ultracam Aerial systems

Continuing the expansion of Ultracam universe, congratulations on the newly launched Ultracam aerial systems – Merlin 4.1 and Dragon 4.1. Please highlight few important features of both.
Thank you so much, we are …

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Says Sherman Lo, President of the Institute of Navigation (ION). He shares his views on a range of issues in an interview with Coordinates

Sherman Lo

Senior research engineer at the Stanford GPS Laboratory. He also is executive director of the Stanford Center for Position Navigation and Time (SCPNT) and a Stanford instructor. His research work focuses …

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Jesse Huff

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, JAVAD GNSS

‘Founded in 2007, JAVAD GNSS today continues with its original vision of innovation and excellence’ – Could you please elaborate on this.
The designs innovations of JAVAD GNSS have paved the way for the GNSS industry for years. JAVAD GNSS Patented and Patent-pending technology have helped shape what …

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With the help of computer vision, AI and ML, we can extract meta data information for decision making. Photogrammetry plays a key role in this process says Alexander Wiechert, CEO of Vexcel Imaging in an interview with Coordinates

Alexander Wiechert

CEO of Vexcel Imaging

Congratulations on completion of 30 years of Vexcel Imaging. Could …

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Ing. Jirí Svaton

Msc. in wireless communications, Ph.D. in radio electronicss at Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) He was a postdoc for a short time at EPFL Lausanne (2021) and is currently a scientist at CTU. Jiri also teaches and leads students in signals and systems and radio-positioning. His professional interest is the effective processing …

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John Johnson-Allen

MA FRHistS FRIN MIoS, Chairman, Institute of Seamanship

Joining BP Tanker Co. as an an apprentice at the age of 16, he left as a Second Officer. He maintained his interest in the sea as a Royal Yachting Association lecturer for 22 years, teaching evening classes and also two years at Lowestoft College teaching Iranian …

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Dr. Capt. Hesham M. Helal

Secretary General 0f International Association of Institutes of Navigation (IAIN), President of Arab Institute of Navigation (AIN) and Dean of Maritime Postgraduate Studies Institute, Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT)

Would you like to tell us about the International Association of Institute of …

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Air Vice-Marshal Kym Osley

CSC, FAIN, Executive Secretary, Australian Institute of Navigation (AIN)

Air Vice-Marshal (AVM) Kym Osley joined the Air Force in 1977 and flew as an aerial navigator in F-111, Phantom, F-18 and other fast jet aircraft. In the 1990s, AVM Osley was responsible for major strike-reconnaissance projects within Capability Development (Air) Branch before becoming …

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Maj Gen (Dr) B Nagarajan

Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur, Kanpur, India

Why is geodesy an indispensable science? How it has evolved over the years?
Geodesy is the science of accurately measuring and understanding the three fundamental properties of the Earth: its geometric shape, its orientation in space, and its gravity field. …

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Dr. Guenter Heinrichs

Head of Client Solutions, Business Development, IFEN GmbH

"With IFEN’s NCS NOVA GNSS simulator customers can automatically generate the new Galileo signal capabilities” – Please elaborate.
The NCS NOVA GNSS Simulator is a highly capable, powerful and easy to use satellite navigation testing and R&D device. A recent key enhancement to the NCS NOVA …