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Remote Sensing Systems optimizes the usage of advanced camera sensor technology for capturing satellite imageries of objects present on the earth, by means of transmitting signals and spectral radiance captured through a…

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“Until further notice, users may experience service degradation on all Galileo satellites” the Notice Advisory to Galileo Users (NAGU) issued by the European GNSS Service…

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A common view is that a cadastral system is needed to ensure effi cient exchange as well as suitable use of real property units (e.g. Enemark et al., 2005)…

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An outage
That lasted a weeklong (11th July’19 onwards)
Again re-emphasizes the GNSS vulnerabilities.
As stakes are high, so are the worries.
There will be plausible explanations
To such technical incidents
Yet they do not lessen the likely consequences.
Voices making the case for complementarity among GNSS systems
And lobby for back-up system
Gain further credence.

Bal Krishna, Editor


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August 2019

Esri India User Conference

User Conference, Hyderabad August 20, The Park User Conference, Kolkata August 22, Hyatt Regency Kolkata User Conference, Delhi August 28 – 29, The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel

Hidden Geographies: Slovenia 2019

28-31 August

September 2019


16 – 20 September
Miami, Florida, USA


3 – 6 September
Las Vegas, USA

57th Photogrammetric Week

9 – 13 September 2019
Stuttgart, Germany

Intergeo 2019

17 – …

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Citizen science programmes have been conducted for several decades to make use the collective intelligence of local people in supplying scientific data. In developed countries, volunteer efforts to update…

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Artificial intelligence is useful in solving urban planning challenges. Fuzzy logic, neural networks combined with geographical information system and sometimes Cellular automata can be very effective…

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Existing Nepalese Land Administration System (LAS) only deals with the formal or statutory land tenure system. Out of total arable land, approximately 75% is formally registered in the national cadaster…

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‘Plastic’ concerns
Dead whales with kilograms of plastics in their stomach.
An appalling sight
Increasingly being common in Europe and Asia coast.
In May in coast of Sicilia, in April in Sardinia
And in March in the Philippines.
The list goes on.
We dump million of tonnes of plastic debris in seas and oceans
Causing monumental damage to the marine flora and fauna
Aquatic …

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August 2019

Nine-month post graduate courses on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and Satellite Communications (SATCOM)

1 August 2019- 30 April 2020 Space Applications Centre (SAC), Ahmedabad, India,

Smart Geospatial Expo

7 – 9 August Seoul, Republic of Korea

The South-East Asia Survey Congress(SEASC) 2019

15 – 19 August
Darwin, Australia

Esri India User …