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Climate change has been one of the main causes of the rise and fall of civilisations, migration and destruction of complex societies from the apocalyptic story of Noah’s Ark and the flood, through the ice age to the present time. The development of complex societies and population…

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The Federal Territory of Putrajaya (Putrajaya) is the administrative capital of the Malaysian Federal Government with an area of 4931 hectare. It is divided into 20 precincts and consists of 10,580 land parcels…

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Vol. X, Issue 4, April 2014

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New OnPOZ EZSurv® GNSS Postprocessing Software (V2.93) by Effigis Geo-Solutions Inc. is now compatible with both the European Galileo and the Chinese BeiDou satellite constellations.

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The Ghana Institution of Surveyors (GhIS) has underscored the need for the passage of the pieces of legislation for Survey Council and Real Estate. Such legislation will give legal backing to operations in the land management industry and stem the incidence of multiple sale of land

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Over the last decade we have witnessed a number of significant developments which have affected and changed the global geospatial industry. The two biggest drivers to this change have been advances in technologies and the global recognition of the power of mapping information…

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Coordinates 100th Issue is indeed a milestone. Just like in cricket or baseball scoring a century or a home run does not come in every innings except for the very gifted and talented. However, in the case of Coordinates it is very welcome and heartening to note that the journal is endurable, enduring and is producing a kind of a continuing dialogue that many subscribe to.

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Cities in developing countries are expanding rapidly and consuming every possible space available. The growth is not only in their physical expansion but also the increased urban population. The space consumption is again not only…

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There have been many technological advances in cadastre, particularly with the workflows of how parcel data is managed and published. It’s obvious that data collection via satellite imagery, total station, and GPS have all advanced, but lesser seen is the management of this data, particularly maintaining all aspects of parcel data…

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Vol. IX, Issue 6, June 2013



Tracking the prey rather than the predator with GNSS

Dr Volker Janssen

Integrating surveying methodologies to provide specific solutions

Donatella Dominici, Elisa Rosciano, Michail Elaiopoulos

Improving land administration systems in developing countries

Jouni Johannes Anttonen

Geodynamical study of the territory of Balkan peninsula from GPS solutions

Keranka Vassileva

A hybrid GIS space syntax …