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In the Virtual/ Augmented Reality computing world, a “Digital Twin” (DT)/ “Avatar” is used as a 3D graphical representation of either the user’s character/ persona, and movable machines or objects for very visually accurate representation for games and/ or virtual worlds.

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The polar regions aside, access to highly accurate positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) data opens up enormous potential for economic growth, reduced inequality, and international co-operation. Access to Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) has become a fundamental expectation and mainstay of the modern world.

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If we have learned anything from the pandemic of 2020, it is that we can take nothing for granted. Global commerce, social interactions, events both public and private, and our collective health all came into question and were disrupted. Few had mitigation plans for this rare but inevitable event, and even those who did endured hardships in some ways.

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As the world’s economy shifts towards
a new model of growth in line
with the Fourth Industrial Revolution,
sustainable development

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Conceptions of privacy under the gaze of earth observations (EO) and satellite technology is now exposed to the full array of other means…

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The aerial mapping industry experienced a notable transformation as digital sensors replaced film cameras as the preferred imaging tool…

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As we anticipate technology trends unfolding in 2019, the dominant theme for the geospatial industry is the need for precise data…

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2018 is definitely going to be the year of Beidou as it becomes a global GNSS system. China plans a further 13 launches of Beidou satellites during 2018 which is an ambitious launch schedule for any nation – but the rewards from having a global satellite navigation constellation that can compete…

Apr 2015 | One Comment

In most countries, the cadastral system is just taken for granted, and the impact of the system in terms of facilitating an efficient land market and supporting effective land-use administration is often not fully recognised. The reality is that the impact of a well-functioning cadastral system…

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Sea level rise is the chief pretext for alarm about Man’s influence on climate. Agencies such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, 1990-2013) have adopted an often unscientifically alarmist stance on the climate question, favouring extreme predictions both of future…