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Jun 2006 | Comments Off on India’s phone coordinates

In India, the “extra” digits in telephone numbers have been added a number of times e.g., the digits for Delhi have changed from 5 to 8 in the past five decades. However, with the addition of extra digit of “2” (or “3” or “5”) in the phone numbers of the cities around the countries in December 2002, the total number has reached to “10”, i.e., “2, 3, or 4” digits of city codes plus “8, 7, or 6” digits of phone numbers. In one colony of Delhi, since…

Mar 2006 | Comments Off on Spatial and dynamic modeling techniques: An outlook

Traditionally GIS are considered to perform four basic functions on spatial data; input, storage, analysis and output. Of these, analysis has received least attention in commercial systems. Typically, a variety of map description and manipulation functions are defi ned by commercial vendors as being “Spatial analysis”, but they have little bearing on the use of this term in the Regional Science Community…

Oct 2005 | Comments Off on After Y2K concerns, where are we with our calendar?

The Tropical or Mean Solar year consists of 365.24219879 mean solar days (dM) in which the Earth goes round the Sun. We use mean year and days as the actual year and days are not constant in their duration or they both fl uctuate. The length of the Tropical Year (TY) is measured by the time interval between successive appearances of the Sun in the vernal equinox.