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The 1960s to early 1970s were boom times for enrolments in surveying and geomatics programs in the state of NSW in Australia and I suspect other states as well. At the University of NSW (UNSW) at that time there were up to 100 students per year entering the program.

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Unhealthy living spaces emerge due to many reasons such as poverty, migration, rapid urban growth, physical deterioration of built environment and development of illegal settlements….

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Security of tenure and incontestable spatial definition of land is the major contributor to the economy of developed states and is the economic springboard for developing states. E-governance technology is now a major component of administering all aspects of this sector.

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The physical extents of land ownership have been defined by many methods over the years ranging from verbal agreements between adjoining owners to formats of written descriptions, maps or survey records…

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Rivers are important sources of fresh and flowing inland water vital to the socio-economic functioning of society mainly for agricultural and urban service applications…

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Trust lies at the heart of any relationship and certainly at the heart of any business relationship. It flows from concepts such as ‘my word is my bond’ and ‘you reap what you sow’. It is also said that trust is hard won but very easily lost and then very hard to recover…

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Best practices in surveying are not limited to field procedures and accuracy requirements but must include professionalism and ethics. This paper will look at essential best practice approaches for achieving desired quality surveying products and establishing integrity among peers and clients

Dr Frank Derby

Associate Professor of Surveying, The Pennsylvania State University, USA

Textbooks and scholarly publications describe …

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Climate change has been one of the main causes of the rise and fall of civilisations, migration and destruction of complex societies from the apocalyptic story of Noah’s Ark and the flood, through the ice age to the present time. The development of complex societies and population…

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The Federal Territory of Putrajaya (Putrajaya) is the administrative capital of the Malaysian Federal Government with an area of 4931 hectare. It is divided into 20 precincts and consists of 10,580 land parcels…

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During his relatively short reign of 17 years the highly controversial pharaoh of ancient Egypt derogatorily described as “The Heretic King” caused the most disruptive religious upheaval of the entire period of the legendary civilisation. Akhenaten took the throne of New Kingdom…