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October 2005


56th …

Oct 2005 | Comments Off on The conceptual intelligent navigator

The goal of developing any intelligent machine is to mimic human behaviors and achieve certain goals that can not be fulfi lled by adopting conventional methods [Cawsey, 1998].

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September 2005


International …

Sep 2005 | Comments Off on The old Indian Datum

Under the new Map Policy, it seems that India has decided to retain the old Indian Datum, which has been identified by “Everest”, for DSMs. The following geodetic definition issues and “specifi cations” are worth commenting:
Vintage – 1880s.
Name – On a recent enquiry, four SOI experts provided four different names. However, it cannot be “Everest”.
Spheroid …

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According to some reports, the warnings were made well in …

Sep 2005 | Comments Off on Malaysia precise geoid (MyGEOID)

GPS infrastructures that have been established in Malaysia are mainly served as a ground control stations for cadastral and mapping purposes. Another element that has not been utilised is the height component due to its low accuracy. Conventional levelling is still the preferred method by the land surveyors to determine the stations orthometric height (H) with a proven accuracy. Therefore, Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia (DSMM) has embarked the Airborne Gravity Survey, with one of the objectives is to compute the local precise geoid for Malaysia within centimeter level of accuracy. With the availability of the precise geoid, the “missing” element of GPS system is solved.

Sep 2005 | Comments Off on The role cadastral data modelling in e-Land administration

Land administration systems evolved from a focus on core functions of regulating land and property development, land use controls, land taxation and disputes (Dale & McLaughlin, 1999) to an integrated land management paradigm designed to support sustainable development (Enemark et al., 2005).

Sep 2005 | Comments Off on An Alternative Low Cost MEMS IMU/GPS Integration Scheme

This article investigates the use of artificial neural networks for developing an alternative integration scheme of low cost Microelectromechanical System (MEMS) Inertial Navigation System (INS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) for vehicular navigation applications. The primary objective is to overcome the limitations of current INS/GPS integration scheme and improve the positioning accuracy during GPS signal blockages. The results presented in this article indicated that the proposed technique was able to provide 47% and 78% improvement in terms of positioning accuracy during GPS signal blockages.

Sep 2005 | Comments Off on GISNet ‘11 TRAN VINH TRUNG


The mission of this GISnet conference was to promote …

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August 2005




22 – 26 August, Cairns, Australia


GITA Annual Conference 2005;


15-17 August, Melbourne, Australia


Map Asia 2005


22 – 25 August, Jakarta Indonesia


11th GIS AnnualConference in Vietnam …