A capital chaos

Apr 2006 | Comments Off on A capital chaos


Delhi faces confusion and chaos.

With a pressure to host Commonwealth games in 2010.

Unauthorized construction, encroachments, illegal uses of residential properties, etc.

Court orders against ‘unauthorized’ and ‘illegal’.

And that provokes many to make efforts to counter it.

Debate starts on rules and applicability, practice and practicalities, law and legalities.

Livelihood is pit against planning.

And planning becomes a casualty to politics. Politics of elections and votes.

Or, might be a case of callousness in planning itself.

There are rules and regulations.

And, its violations too.

That too in connivance with authorities.

We are in a mess.

Basically, a consequence of corruption in concerned public offices and public life.

And, corruption is not an issue in this country.

That’s a way of life.

Isn’t it?


Bal Krishna, Editor




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