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The 110 year old transition from 10.8% (in 1901) to 31.2% urban (in 2011) depicts India as an inarguably rural nation (Buch, 2015). Urban settlements in India are islands dispersed in a loosely knit ocean of rurality. We are no strangers to the problems that arise due to lack…

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Picture this – In a not so distant future, you are a self-employed small business owner selling organic homemade lip balm through e-commerce sites like Amazon or Flipkart. You wake up in the morning to see that a customer across your city has placed a large…

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Reports of problems with GPS appear with increasing frequency. As two of many examples:

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Those in the GNSS/PNT community will say it’s because virtually every technology uses GNSS signals, and most depend upon them. When signals are disrupted, something bad could happen.
But how likely is that? What is the risk and are we willing to take it? These are questions that many governments are starting to ask.

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The world is facing an increase in the frequency and severity of natural disaster events. Events which, when they strike, threaten the social, environmental and financial foundations of communities. And while these events cannot be prevented, their impacts can be limited…

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September 2018

Esri India User Conference 2018

September 4 Kolkata September 6 Hyderabad September 10 -11 Delhi NCR

Inter Drone 2018

5 – 7 September Las Vegas, USA

Smart Geospatial Expo

12 -14 September 2018 Seoul, Korea

EuroGEOSS Workshop

12 – 14 September Geneva, Switzerland

Africa GEO

17-19 September
Johannesburg, South Africas

INSPIRE Conference 2018

18 – 21 September
Antwerp, Belgium

5th EARSeL Joint Workshop “Urban Remote Sensing – Challenges …

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In reverse gear?
As a fallout of Brexit
It appears that the Public Regulated Services (PRS) of Galileo
Has become a contentious issue.
And similar to this, there are several other bones of contention…
Stakes are high
So is the pitch of stakeholders,
Hope it may not become messier in time to come
Galileo as a …

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Stuart Woods

Vice President, Geospatial Content Solutions Division, Leica Geosystems AG.

How is Leica Pegasus: Two Ultimate different from its earlier version Leica Pegasus: Two?
The Leica Pegasus:Two Ultimate is an upgrade to the Pegasus:Two, Leica Geosystem’s trusted mobile mapping platform. With a focus on imaginary, it removes the need for multiple-camera stitching by incorporating a single …

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Now a days more than hundred Global Navigation Satellite System (i.e. GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, and IRNSS) signals are available everywhere all the time at free of cost. Hence, dependency on the GNSS technology has been…

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The existing geo-tectonic map of Japan has been produced by geological survey, rock classification, historical geological processes, faults etc. by expert geologists, geo-scientists, geographers and others. However, each geo-tectonic map may differ…