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According to the Survey of India website
One may see the New Map Restriction Policy- 2017
for Sale, Publication and Distribution of Maps and Data
released by the Ministry of Defence, India
It states that “the renewal of the guidelines
is necessitated so as to bring them
in tune with the liberal economic regime
and to accommodate the technological changes…
However, is …

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June 2018

GeoSummit 2018

5 – 7 June
Bern, Switzerland

SPAR 3D Expo & Conference 2018

5 – 7 June
Anaheim, California, USA

GEO Symposium 2018

11 – 12 June
Geneva, Switzerland

HxGN LIVE 2018

12-15 June Las Vegas, USA

7th International Conference on Cartography & GIS and Seminar on Early Warning and Disaster Management

18-23 June Sozopol, Bulgaria

2018 BGC Geomatics

18-23 June
Olsztyn, Poland

2018 Baltic Geodetic Congress

21 – 23 …

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The present research discover the people’s role in land governance and management, and also to see the historical background of land governance in the country,  India. We present here the first part of the paper

Madan Mohan

Associate Professor of Geography, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Centre for Study of Regional Development, School of Social Sciences, New Delhi, india

Geospatial …

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Man always has been in progressive search for a platform, scenario and technologies to make reasonable and rational comparisons of the real Earth with a virtual Earth. During this quest, a lot of technologies have been deployed…

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Precise levelling is a traditional method to measure height differences. Currently work stages are performed by hand. In this paper the challenges of robotizing precise levelling measurements are discussed. The difference to the existing solutions…

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The ITU Membership considered and approved a package of eight ITU-R Recommendations on radionavigation-satellite service (RNSS) systems as listed below…

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Sweden has a long tradition in registration of land. We therefore have long experience in the field of real properties and how to handle the information. However, the fact that we have been doing this for so many years is not just an advantage…

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Stephen Hawking – Beyond time!!
You came
And enriched the world,
The world of science,
And the world of knowledge.
Moreover, you epitomized
The unimaginable abilities and tenacities
Of the human spirit
That could triumph
Any oddity of any magnitude.
You have gone
Beyond the frame of
You will remain as a beacon
In the …

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May 2018


2-4 May Rome, Italy

FIG Congress 2018

6 – 11 May Istanbul, Turkey

12th Annual Baška GNSS Conference

6 – 9 May
Baška, Croatia

The European Navigation Conference 2018

14 – 17 May Gothenburg, Sweden

GEO Business 2018

22 – 23 May London, UK

CSNC 2018: 9th China Satellite Navigation Conference

23 – 25 May 2018
Harbin, China

June 2018

GeoSummit 2018

5 – 7 June
Bern, …

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BCF support and GIS integration added to new 3D Repo version
3D Repo has released a new version of its cloud-based BIM platform that allows users to simultaneously access, via the web, the latest 3D construction models, detect changes, collaborate on them and make informed decisions. The latest version of 3D Repo includes support for …