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Spatial relations are explicitly modelled using spatial weighting matrices which can be applied to the dependent, independent or error terms in regressions

Eduardo Zegarra

Group for the Analysis of Development (GRADE), Lima, Perú

The potential existence of spatial dependencies in land use and irrigation access in mountainous areas like the Peruvian Andes is a relevant issue for designing …

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This paper highlights amusing research related to the animal kingdom, improving our understanding of animal behaviour, ecology and conservation, often by employing spatial tools and innovative approaches to data collection and analysis.

Volker Janssen

Publications Officer, Association of Public Authority Surveyors (APAS), New South Wales, Australia

This is the fourth in a series of papers celebrating some of …

Oct 2021 | No Comment

The geospatial information in digital format generated under the projects were inputs to other land administration processes which significantly improved the delivery of services, access and transparency while contributing to a more reliable, efficient and effective land administration and management system

Richard Oput

Land Administration/ Geomatics Consultant, Uganda

Uganda got a new Constitution in 1995 which had fundamental …

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The paper analyzes the implementation process, provides an overview of the preexisting problems and discusses the means on how the Pilot Project has addressed the shortcomings

Elene Grigolia

Blockchain Consultant LMD Component Manager World Bank Funded Project “ILMD” National Agency of Public Registry, Georgia

Teimuraz Gabriadze

Senior Legal Consultant Irrigation and Land Market Development Project National Agency of Public …

Sep 2021 | No Comment

This paper outlines the innovative Property Business Registration System (PBRS) project to migrate separate deeds and titles registers into a single land information system and discuss some of the practical aspects

Mark A Griffin

IGN FI, Trinidad and Tobago

Carol Roffer

IGN FI, Trinidad and Tobago

Karen Bridgewater

Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs, Trinidad and Tobago

Nicole Moonan

Ministry of …

Aug 2021 | No Comment

In this paper, we present the main features of a new class of emerging DBMSs, namely NoSQL and NewSQL, from the data management perspective with a particular focus on distributed computing and share-nothing architecture

Zdravko Galic

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Department of Applied Computing, University of Zagreb, Croatia. GeoSpatial Systems Consulting, Vienna, Austria

For over four …

Aug 2021 | No Comment

Property rights and trusted land administration are essential elements to the progress of any nation that is attempting to rise from poverty to wealth…

Jun 2021 | No Comment

As Christopher Alexander conceived and defined through his life’s work – The Nature of Order – wholeness is a recursive structure that recurs in space and matter and is reflected in human minds and cognition. Based on the definition of wholeness, a mathematical model of wholeness, together with its topological representation…

Apr 2021 | No Comment

Medici Land Governance (MLG) captures property information including spatial and textual data by identifying and mapping land boundaries using high resolution drone imagery. MLG works closely with country governments to establish formal property ownership for land owners by implementing Systematic Land…

Mar 2021 | No Comment

Modern cities and urban environments are becoming denser more heavily populated and are still rapidly growing, including new infrastructures, markets, banks, transportation, etc. In the last two decades, more and more cities and mega-cities have started using multi-camera networks in order to face this challenge.