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Currently, the worsening impacts of urbanizations have been impelled to the importance of monitoring and management of existing urban trees, securing sustainable use of the available green spaces.

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The effectiveness of programmes realizing urban equity and resilience in the South African context are greatly constrained by South Africa’s entrenched racial, (and through that class) land ownership and settlement patterns. Given the costs of well-located urban land, the state efforts to house the urban poor have often resulted in housing opportunities…

Mar 2022 | No Comment

Dr Komal S Pawar

Senior Consultant, Hexagon India

With the recent evolution of Industry 4.0, Digital Twin technology has established itself as a key component of the digital transformation process. Grieves coined the term “digital twin” in 2002, primarily for its application in manufacturing industry. However, John Vickers of NASA was the first to adopt the digital …

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Optimum use of land and natural resources, lifestyle for environment and new partnerships are critical elements of a resilient, low carbon habitat

A K Jain

Worked as Commissioner (Planning), Delhi Development Authority and as a member of the Committee of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs on the DDA (2015). He was a member of UN …

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The debate about changing from Magnetic to True is no longer about whether to change, but how to manage the change, and when; March 2030 is the proposed date

David Learmount

Private pilot Former pilot and Qualified Flying Instructor in the Royal Air Force Independent aviation journalist, London, UK

Whilst professional mariners stopped using the earth’s magnetic field …

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The new city science aims not only to better understand geographic forms and processes but also – maybe more importantly – to make geographic space or the Earth’s surface living or more living

Bin Jiang

Professor, Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development, Division of GIScience University of Gävle, SE- 801 76 Gävle, Sweden

The third view of space …

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Using cryptographic digital technology, a mobile application could be developed to eliminate property registry fraud even before it occurs

Jethro Jones

Medici Land Governance, Utah, USA

Property registry fraud is a form of identity theft used to steal property by forging documents in the name of the property’s rightful owner. Property registry fraud impacts land rights across the …

Feb 2022 | No Comment

This spreading of the spectrum caused marked variations in population mortality between different countries depending upon Covid-19 spectrum envelope characteristics with its spectrum peak height and width, existing healthcare infrastructure

Wapangsenla Imchen

ICFAI University Nagaland (IUN), Dimapur, India

Aditi Verma

Qualcomm India Pvt. Ltd, Raheja Mindspace IT Park, Madhapur, Hyderabad, India

Dr Resenmenla Longchar

ICFAI University Nagaland (IUN), Dimapur, India

Aosenla Pongen


Jan 2022 | One Comment

To successfully operationalize PPPs in land administration, it is critical to examine and assess the commercial feasibility of each proposed transaction inclusion

Tony Burns

Co-Founder of Land Equity International Wollongong, Australia

Fletcher Wright

Managing Director, Planet Partnerships, United States of America

Kate Fairlie

Land administration specialist, Land Equity International Wollongong, Australia

Kate Rickersey

Managing Director, Land Equity International Wollongong, Australia

It’s all the buzz, …

Dec 2021 | No Comment

At its November 2021 meeting, the ITU-R Study Group 4 considered and agreed on a package of three ITU-R Recommendations on radionavigation-satellite service (RNSS) systems as listed below.
Draft revision of Recommendation ITU-R M.1787-3 – Description of systems and networks in the radionavigation-satellite service (spaceto- Earth and space-to-space) and technical characteristics of transmitting space stations operating …