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Dr. Guenter Heinrichs

Head of Client Solutions, Business Development, IFEN GmbH

"With IFEN’s NCS NOVA GNSS simulator customers can automatically generate the new Galileo signal capabilities” – Please elaborate.
The NCS NOVA GNSS Simulator is a highly capable, powerful and easy to use satellite navigation testing and R&D device. A recent key enhancement to the NCS NOVA …

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The paper analyzes the implementation process, provides an overview of the preexisting problems and discusses the means on how the Pilot Project has addressed the shortcomings

Elene Grigolia

Blockchain Consultant LMD Component Manager World Bank Funded Project “ILMD” National Agency of Public Registry, Georgia

Teimuraz Gabriadze

Senior Legal Consultant Irrigation and Land Market Development Project National Agency of Public …

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A number of challenges lie ahead when it comes to developing international standards for resilience

Guy Buesnel

PNT Security Technologist, Spirent

How the world became dependent on GNSS for PNT
The arrival of GPS kick-started a revolution. Using GPS was a cheap and reliable method of obtaining precise time and accurate position fixes globally. This revolution really accelerated when …

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September 2021

Commercial UAV Expo Americas

7-9, September Las Vegas USA

ION GNSS+ 2021

20-224 September St. Louis, Missouri, USA

INTERGEO 2021 Live+Digital

21 – 23 September Hannover, Germany

Mapping The Future Of Land Administration & CSDILA’s 20 Years Celebration Event

20-23 September, 2021 Melbourne, Australia

November 2021

Digital Construction Week

24-25, November London, UK

Navigation 2021

15-18 November

GEO Business

24-25 November London, UK


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In this year itself, there have been many worrying events of extreme weathers.
In Greenland, for the first time rain fell at the highest point of its ice sheet.
If there are extreme level of flooding in Germany, China and Australia,
Then the Western US is facing one of the worst droughts.
Unprecedented heat waves …

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This paper outlines the innovative Property Business Registration System (PBRS) project to migrate separate deeds and titles registers into a single land information system and discuss some of the practical aspects

Mark A Griffin

IGN FI, Trinidad and Tobago

Carol Roffer

IGN FI, Trinidad and Tobago

Karen Bridgewater

Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs, Trinidad and Tobago

Nicole Moonan

Ministry of …

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The objective of this research is to develop a long-term MEGA earthquake prediction method using a yearly unit periodicity for past MEGA earthquakes for supporting clearly targeting preparedness against earthquake disaster. Hereinafter MEGA earthquake means large earthquakes with human casualties.

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When it hit, it hit hard.
The second wave of Covid-19 in India.
Millions infected, hospitals overwhelmed, crumbling health infrastructure, …
Many were struggling – for doctors, medicines, beds in hospitals, oxygen cylinders, cremations,…
With little or no support.
The best was that medical fraternity scrambled to do whatever it could,
And many volunteered to help, to serve, to donate, …
The …

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The Department of Space, Government of India has the primary responsibility of promoting the development of space science, technology and applications towards achieving self-reliance and facilitating in all round development of the nation. The report narrates all the major activities of the department including navigation, earth observation and Gaganyaan

Department Of Space (DOS), Government of India …

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In this paper, we present the main features of a new class of emerging DBMSs, namely NoSQL and NewSQL, from the data management perspective with a particular focus on distributed computing and share-nothing architecture

Zdravko Galic

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Department of Applied Computing, University of Zagreb, Croatia. GeoSpatial Systems Consulting, Vienna, Austria

For over four …