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Wolbachia releases in high-density urban areas are expected to be highly cost-effective and could potentially be the first cost-saving intervention for dengue. Sites with strong public health infrastructure, fiscal capacity, and community support should be prioritised

Oliver J. Brady

Centre for the Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, UK.
Department of …

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With trends such as data analytics, IoT, AI, VR etc. gaining popularity across the globe, we can expect GIS to also see the transformation and also aid in how organisations around the globe utilise these technologies in the future

Ashwani Rawat

Co-Founder & Director, Transerve Technologies, India

In the past decade, there has been an increased adoption of …

Sep 2020 | No Comment

As coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) struck Florida, Sarasota began locking down its municipal buildings, and the daily workload of many city employees waned

Sarah Alban

Director of Marketing at Eos Positioning Systems.

A parking enforcement officer and city clerk are part of an innovative project in Sarasota, Florida. Municipal staff whose traditional daily work has decreased due to …

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The safety of engineering structures requires periodic inspection. Assessing the condition of the structure and its behavior cannot be done without a regular and frequent monitoring by establishing a network of geometric auscultation. The contribution of an analytical tool in the management of this network is the purpose of this work…

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Covid 19 pandemic has caused massive destruction of the economy, livelihoods and reverse migration of the labour. It has underlined the need to adopt digital order, online communication and health as the focus of urban development

Jun 2020 | No Comment

With the world grappled in Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic with over 5.5 million cases as of May 26, 2020…

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The phenomenon of living structure implies that the real world is a living world, to which we human beings belong. This section further discusses the I-hypothesis, the new cosmology, and how to make better sense of living structure in our inner world.

Mar 2020 | No Comment

“All of my life I’ve spent trying to learn how to produce living structure in the world. That means towns, streets, buildings, rooms, gardens, places which are themselves living or alive…

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We can treat Agricultural Land Consolidation as a merging, enlargement, eliminating of mosaic land ownership and improvement…

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In light of the emergence of big data, I have advocated and argued for a paradigm shift from Tobler’s law to scaling law, from Euclidean geometry to fractal geometry…