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RIEGL gets JALBTCX Technical Award for contribution in LiDAR bathymetry
The receipients of the Sebastian Sizgoric Technical Achievement Award has been announced. RIEGL has been chosen this year for its major contribution in the field of LiDAR bathymetry and airborne coastal mapping and charting. The trophy was presented to RIEGL during the 18th Annual JALBTCX …

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There are several compelling reasons for surveying a property parcel that will become part of a comprehensive fiscal cadastre…

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Small Island Developing States (SIDS) globally possess characteristics that render them vulnerable to greater impacts of economic, social and environmental shock than other countries….

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What are the main functions of National Land Commission and how is Survey of Bhutan associated with it?

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Sweden is generally associated with an attractive natural environment. A long history of settlement and use of land resources, and relatively sparse populations have led to diverse landuse practices and access traditions…

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The majority of telephony service subscribers in the City of Maputo – Mozambique’s capital and largest city – are from mobile networks. However, the level of Quality of Service (QoS) and mobile coverage offered by current licensed carriers remains a challenge in peri-urban areas, which are areas with mixed rural and urban features with a lack of urban attributes such as accessibility, services, infrastructure, etc…

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A well-functioning cadastre is essential for securing rights in land and property, wealth generation, and contributing to better land and environmental management…

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To better prepare for and respond to national emergencies, the Department of Homeland Security in the US needed to adopt new technologies that facilitated community collaboration..

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The modern cadastre cannot be considered without mentioning issues related to the SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure) and SES (Spatially Enabled Society)…