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May 2020 | No Comment

Leica Nova MS60 merges total station, GNSS, imaging and 3D scanning
Leica Nova MS60 is the new and improved version of the world’s first MultiStation, combining high-end total station capabilities with 3D laser scanning, GNSS connectivity and digital imaging. It merges several technologies, enabling users to get into 3D laser scanning easily and scan at …

Mar 2020 | No Comment

Shom to renew its entire fleet of inertial navigation systems
Shom, the French national hydrographic and oceanographic office selected SBG Systems’ inertial navigation sytems to renew their whole fleet of INS. They chose the cost-effective and easyto- use Navsight Apogee INS for their speedboats and survey vessels for both shallow and deepwater real-time bathymetric surveys and …

Feb 2020 | No Comment

Vexcel Imaging to acquire Image Resources from Verisk
Vexcel Imaging, a leader in aerial imagery data, large-format aerial cameras, and photogrammetry software, signed a definitive agreement on 21st Jan 2020, to acquire the imagery sourcing group from Verisk’s Geomni business. The acquisition will combine Geomni’s imagery surveying and content-related teams and assets into Vexcel. Verisk, …

Jan 2020 | No Comment

MicroSurvey inCAD 2020 released
MicroSurvey announces the release of inCAD 2020. It adds the MicroSurvey feature set to the latest Autodesk® software – including AutoCAD® 2020, AutoCAD Map 3D™ 2020, and AutoCAD Civil 3D™ 2020 – providing users with complete survey drafting and calculation workflows, including COGO, point tools for gridline-based projects, traverse input and …

Dec 2019 | No Comment

Racelogic announce new indoor positioning system
Racelogic is launching a brand-new Indoor Positioning System, called VIPS, which is an advanced system for measuring realtime 3D position to an accuracy of ±2cm in areas where GPS is not available, making it an ideal tool for construction applications both indoors and in urban areas. The system has been …

Nov 2019 | No Comment

Underground infrastructure mapping solution for collector for ArcGIS by Eos
Eos Positioning Systems, Inc., the leading manufacturer of high-accuracy Arrow GNSS receivers — has released its highly anticipated underground utility asset-mapping solution: Eos Locate for Collector for ArcGIS. It combines three core technologies: Eos Arrow GNSS receivers, Esri Collector, and the Vivax- Metrotech vLoc Series …

Oct 2019 | No Comment

New Quanta Series INS/GNSS by SBG Systems Dedicated to Mobile Mapping
SBG Systems has presented for the first time at the INTERGEO show in Stuttgart (Germany), the Quanta Series, a brand new line of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) dedicated to air and land based mobile mapping integrators.
Because SBG Systems wants surveyors to save autonomy …

Sep 2019 | No Comment

Spirent Sim3D – Realistic multipath simulation
Spirent Communications plc has announced the availability of its innovative multipath simulation solution, Spirent Sim3D. It enables the testing of realistic multipath and obscuration effects on GNSS signals in a true-to-life synthetic environment.
Historically, researchers and developers of GNSS receivers have had to rely on statistical models and time-consuming fi eld …

Aug 2019 | No Comment

Racelogic announces Satgen Galileo update
RACELOGIC Limited, experts in the field of GPS testing and data logging today announced the latest update to its’ SatGen GNSS simulation software for PC which now incorporates Galileo RF simulation.
Designed to create a GNSS RF I&Q or IF data file based on a user-generated trajectory file, the updated software can …

Jul 2019 | No Comment

CHC Navigation introduces LT700 Android tablet
CHC Navigation (CHCNAV) has announced the availability of the latest LT700 rugged Android tablet designed to increase efficiency and productivity of mobile workforce in different industries and applications. Featuring an 8-inch sunlightviewable screen in direct sunshine and high-bright areas, the it perfectly displays any GIS data tables, complex vector …