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Jun 2015 | No Comment

The Trimble BD935-INS is part of the company’s GNSS OEM portfolio and augments real-time positioning with 3-D orientation. It is designed for applications that require orientation as well as RTK in a single package.

May 2015 | No Comment

The Certification Center Svyaz-Certificate in Russia is now using the R&S CMW500 to certify ERA-GLONASS systems in line with the TR CU 018/2011 technical guideline.

Apr 2015 | No Comment

Rohde & Schwarz recently demonstrated an ERA-GLONASS test setup consisting of the R&S CMW500 wideband radio communication tester…

Mar 2015 | No Comment

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), India has signed a technology transfer agreement with Sagem (Safran) concerning the manufacture and maintenance in India of Sagem’s SIGMA 95 laser gyro navigation systems.

Feb 2015 | No Comment

DAT/EM Systems International® released the 7.1 edition of DAT/EM software products including Summit Evolution™, Landscape™, Capture™, MapEditor™, Ortho+Mosaic™, Airfield3D™ and Contour Creator™. The advancements in the 7.1 DAT/EM Photogrammetric Suite represent the latest evolution in technology and are based on customer input and growth within the geospatial industry.

Jan 2015 | No Comment

Supergeo Technologies has announced the cooperation with Suzhou FOIF Co. (FOIF) in providing worldwide surveyors with high accuracy GIS turnkey solution.

Dec 2014 | No Comment

The Geomatics Group in Turkey is achieving excellent success marketing the Spectra Precision MobileMapper 120 handheld GIS mapping device running its own Mobile GIS software. Spectra Precision MobileMapper 120 uses a Windows open platform enabling it to run any Windows mobile application…

Nov 2014 | No Comment

RCD30 Penta Oblique system is now available with new optics. The camera is now available with 80 mm and 150 mm focal length respectively…

Oct 2014 | No Comment

Signal Sentry™ 1000, an Exelis product that detects and locates GPS interference sources, was deployed and tested during GPS jamming trials that occurred at UK in Aug’14. It was able to detect and geolocate stationary and moving jammers in both open and obstructed environments…

Sep 2014 | No Comment

NovAtel Inc. has added the IMU-ISA- 100C as an inertial measurement unit (IMU) option to its SPAN GNSS+INS line of positioning products. It is a high-performance, near navigationgrade IMU designed for platform stabilization, general-purpose navigation, photogrammetry, remote sensing, and ground mobile-mapping applications.