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Surphaser 75 Ultra Short Range 3D scanner

Basis Software Inc has launched Surphaser Ultra Short Range 3D scanner model 75 (USR)). It is sharing the form factor with recently released Surphaser 10 joining the family of smallest and lightest of Surphaser scanners to date. Unique combination of small-sized hemispherical scanner, low noise, and close range allows users to scan with high precision in close proximity and in tight spaces. Highly versatile, it can be used in many applications.

Trimble Partners with the University of Cambridge

Trimble has partnered with the University of Cambridge to collaborate on research to advance technology development in the engineering and construction industry. Trimble will work closely with the Laing O’Rourke Centre’s Construction Information Technology Laboratory (CIT). CIT is a state-of-the-art research facility with a mission to solve complex engineering problems and automate difficult construction tasks through decision support tools.

Trimble Unity 3.0

Trimble Unity is a cloud-based, (GIS) centric software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for smart water management. Version 3.0 includes new features and workflows and also offers an App Builder and new integration capabilities to simplify connecting mobile workers with maps and data from back office enterprise systems. It offers a unified cloud-based and mobile collaboration platform for smart water mapping and work management to water, wastewater, storm water and environmental water industry customers.

MobileMapper 300 now driven by DigiTerra Explorer v7

The MobileMapper 300 smart antenna and DigiTerra Explorer v7, one of Europe’s leading GIS software solutions for mobile mapping, now interface seamlessly. This enables the DigiTerra Explorer to drive the MobileMapper 300 directly. The MobileMapper 300 is a professional-grade GNSS receiver with advanced accuracy options that are scalable from mapping grade to full RTK accuracy, including RangePoint RTX over IP support. It is designed for use in combination with a wide variety of mobile devices, including smart phones, tablets, and notebook computers.

DigiTerra Explorer offers mobile mapping, GIS data collection and maintenance as well as field-to-office workflow solutions. The software enjoys a significant share of the GIS forestry and agriculture markets in Europe, and it is rapidly expanding into a wide variety of vertical markets and into North America.

Septentrio offers PolaRx5 CORS

Septentrio Americas has announced the availability of its new PolaRx5 Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) platforms optimized for state DOTs and other RTK network operators. It is powered by Septentrio’s AsteRx4 next-generation multi-frequency engine. It offers 544 hardware channels and supports all major satellite signals.

Teledyne to acquire CARIS

Teledyne Technologies Incorporated and CARIS have jointly announced that the CARIS business and its international affiliates have agreed to be acquired by a wholly-owned subsidiary of Teledyne. CARIS, headquartered in Fredericton, New Brunswick, is the leading developer of geospatial software designed for the hydrographic and marine community.

CARIS Bathy DataBASE™ 4.2.

CARIS has released CARIS Bathy DataBASE™ 4.2. As part of the CARIS Ping-to-Chart™ solution, it is a powerful system for the management and analysis of bathymetric surfaces and point clouds. This update provides a more powerful and user friendly environment for interacting with large volumes of point data from multibeam, laser scanner and LiDAR sensors.

Multi-sensor IOT board hosts EVA-7M GPS/GNSS receiver

EVA-7M GPS/GNSS receiver module has been embedded in the miniature IoT development board LoRaONE by Sodaq, now running a campaign on Kickstarter. The product is a 32-bit Arduino compatible board equipped with Low-Power WAN connectivity that enables development of any kind of IoT solution, anywhere.

The matchbox-sized product (40 x 25 mm) is packed with sensors. The u-blox EVA-7M on the board enables a quick positioning fix.

Topcon and RDO GNSS Network Service Grows

Topcon Positioning Group and RDO Integrated Controls have expanded the TopNETlive GNSS network service across Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota in the USA. The increased availability is the result of a cooperative effort between Topcon and RDO Integrated Controls.

Small Precise GNSS Receiver

The company, eGPS Solutions, offers direct sale or rental of technology to the surveying and mapping industries. eGPS also owns a statewide Real Time Network (RTN) blanketing Georgia and extending 5 miles off the coastline. The eGPS RTN was the first in the state and has been operational for more than 10 years. It is comprised of multiple reference stations providing a continuous collection and broadcast of both GPS and Glonass satellite signals.

Antenova M2M expands design and support facilities in Taipei

Antenova Ltd, manufacturer of antennas and RF antenna modules for M2M, has expanded its design and development facility in Taipei’s technology quarter Nei Hu District, Taiwan. This is in direct response to the increasing demand from customers for antennas for M2M and IoT applications. Antenova’s engineering resources cover the USA, Europe and Asia, with a specialist RF team in Taipei leading the company’s antenna design and development operations. As well as designing the company’s antennas, the same RF engineers also provide support to Antenova’s customers, assisting by providing antenna integration and matching services throughout the entire design process.

New UltraCam Condor for nation-wide mapping by Vexcel Imaging

Vexcel Imaging has introduced a new camera model, the UltraCam Condor. Designed for high-altitude mapping, its frame combines a high-resolution RGB image at 37,800 x 5,200 pixel with a lower resolution PAN data capture for automated DSMOrtho and DTMOrtho image generation that is consistently sharp, geometrically accurate and of superior radiometry. Its expansive footprint, along with the camera’s fast frame rate, allows capture of large regions – even continents – in record-time. This all-in-one system is complemented by a NIR channel, making the UltraCam Condor an ideal solution for agriculture, forestry and land management applications.

Surface Navigator and True North Finding System by iMAR has selected STIM300

The STIM300 provides high accuracy inertial data for the iMAR iNAT-M200 Inertial Navigation System and for the iATTHEMO-C High Precision Heading, Attitude, Position & Velocity Reference. The multiband GNSS systems have been through extensive testing and qualifications and are now in regular production already in use with several international customers. The robust, compact and lightweight system at 750 grams provides high accuracy real-time data with a data update rate of up to 500 Hz. With focus on cost, weight and lifetime reliability the iATTHEMO-C is an excellent option to provide Attitude, Heading and Motion measurements for many surface, airborne, naval and automotive applications (best condition heading accuracy < 0.05 ° rms).

STIM300 is a small, lightweight and low power, ITAR free high performance Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) with 3 gyros, 3 accelerometers and 3 inclinometers. The STIM300 IMU is closing the performance gap to FOG (fiber optic gyro) and it is a powerful alternative to current solutions in the market. STIM300 is today implemented in applications like UAVs, satellites, man and vehicle portable target acquisition systems, land navigations systems, turret stabilization, missile stability and navigation, and mortar aiming systems just to mention a few.

Leica News

New Reference Servers, Monitoring Receiver

The Leica GR30 and GR50 reference servers and GM30 monitoring receiver are primed for the constantly changing requirements of GNSS technology. Now equipped with 555 channels, the new solutions support all global GNSS constellations including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou, as well as regional systems such as QZSS and SBAS. The multitude of signals has been incorporated with the aim to help users obtain high-quality data and uninterrupted accuracy.

Smart Antenna launched

The Leica GMX910 smart antenna can also enable dynamic monitoring with up to 10-Hz data streaming and advanced multi-frequency, multi-constellation tracking.

Starting with the basic GPS single frequency receiver and adding multiple upgradable options, this antenna fits the needs of diverse monitoring projects. It supports multiple GNSS satellite systems and signals. Tracking up to 555 channels, this antenna anticipates the future and is ready for ongoing changes in GNSS technology.

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