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Sep 2019 | No Comment

Spirent Sim3D – Realistic multipath simulation
Spirent Communications plc has announced the availability of its innovative multipath simulation solution, Spirent Sim3D. It enables the testing of realistic multipath and obscuration effects on GNSS signals in a true-to-life synthetic environment.
Historically, researchers and developers of GNSS receivers have had to rely on statistical models and time-consuming fi eld …

Aug 2019 | No Comment

Racelogic announces Satgen Galileo update
RACELOGIC Limited, experts in the field of GPS testing and data logging today announced the latest update to its’ SatGen GNSS simulation software for PC which now incorporates Galileo RF simulation.
Designed to create a GNSS RF I&Q or IF data file based on a user-generated trajectory file, the updated software can …

Jul 2019 | No Comment

CHC Navigation introduces LT700 Android tablet
CHC Navigation (CHCNAV) has announced the availability of the latest LT700 rugged Android tablet designed to increase efficiency and productivity of mobile workforce in different industries and applications. Featuring an 8-inch sunlightviewable screen in direct sunshine and high-bright areas, the it perfectly displays any GIS data tables, complex vector …

Jun 2019 | No Comment

ViaLite GNSS/GPS Fiber Extension Kit
Carrying timing signals over optical fiber links to 10+ km, ViaLite’s new GNSS/GPS Fiber Extension Kit has been successfully qualified for use with Microsemi’s timing and synchronization products. Included in the kit is the ViaLiteHD GPS Link, which is ideal for providing a remote GNSS/ GPS signal or derived timing …

May 2019 | No Comment

NavCom’s SF-5050 integrated StarFire™/ RTK Extend™ Receivers provide 5cmlevel position accuracy, anywhere in the world, anytime. Powered by the new Onyx GNSS Engine, it provides 255 channel tracking, including multi-constellation support for GPS and GLONASS. It also provides patented interference rejection and anti-jamming capabilities. Offering the “freedom …

Apr 2019 | No Comment

GradeMetrix™ Positioning Systems and Earthworks OEM Solution Toolkit by Hemisphere GNSS
Hemisphere GNSS has announced its all-new GradeMetrix platform, a highvalue machine guidance solution for highprecision GNSS-based machine control and guidance applications and systems.
The portfolio includes solution offerings for dozer and excavator earth moving applications. Hemisphere continues to make significant strides forward with its next-generation GradeMetrix …

Mar 2019 | No Comment

Trimble announces next generation mixed-reality device
Trimble has announced a new wearable hard hat compatible device that enables workers in safety-controlled environments to access holographic information on the worksite—the Trimble® XR10 with HoloLens 2. It is the first device created with the Microsoft HoloLens Customization Program and integrates the latest spatial computing technology into a …

Feb 2019 | No Comment

Horizon, the new high performance IMU by SBG Systems
SBG Systems has released, the Horizon IMU, a FOG-based high performance inertial measurement unit (IMU) designed to high demanding surveying applications such as high altitude data collection, or mobile mapping in very dense areas such as urban canyons.
Navsight Land/Air Solution already offered two levels of …

Jan 2019 | No Comment

Carlson Software releases Carlson iCAD 2019
Carlson’s specialized drafting package, Carlson iCAD 2019, has just been released. The software allows technicians to supplement the finished product in their project deliverables.
New additions and functions to the iCAD 2019 release are new tool palettes, new 3D solid commands, additional DGN support, and new express tools. iCAD features Google …

Dec 2018 | No Comment

Septentrio boosts its portfolio with mosaic GNSS module
Septentrio has announced the launch of the mosaic high precision GNSS receiver module. Small in size, but huge in performance, this module sets a new benchmark for the mass market positioning building blocks. It supports more than 30 signals from all six GNSS constellations, L-band and various satellite-based …