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Trimble introduces MX90 Mobile Mapping System

Trimble released the Trimble MX90 mobile mapping system. It provides a complete field-to-finish mobile mapping solution that enables powerful workflows for data capture, processing and analysis. The vehicle- or train-mounted MX90 rapidly captures highly detailed laser scans and imagery—both panoramic and multi-angle. High-resolution immersive imagery, high-density colorized point clouds with accurate color projections and scene inspection capabilities enable new workflows, such as automatic crack detection.

Septentrio’s new smart antenna for machine automation

Septentrio has launched a new smart antenna AntaRx. Enclosed in a ruggedized housing, it can handle high levels of shocks and vibrations and is ready for operation in harsh industrial environments. Built on Septentrio’s long standing GNSS experience, this multi-frequency receiver delivers highaccuracy RTK positioning down to the centimeter level.

OxTS introduces GNSS/IMU

OxTS has introduced the RT3000 v4 GNSS inertial measurement unit (IMU).It offers uninterrupted position, orientation and dynamics in challenging environments. The IMU will reach the desired specification within three minutes of low dynamic movements, which reduces the time and space required for high dynamic maneuvers before each data collection.

Polaris Location Services in South Korea

Point One Navigation has expanded its Polaris real-time kinematic (RTK) location network to South Korea. The network is set to provide comprehensive coverage throughout the country. It offers centimeter-level accurate GNSS positioning with accuracy ranging from 1 cm to 10 cm, which makes it ideal for challenging environments, such as urban areas with limited sky view. Unlike standard GNSS systems — which face position uncertainty due to atmospheric signal delay, satellite orbit variation, clock drift and signal multipath — the Polaris network counters these issues using additional information from compact base stations.

Intecs combines GNSS and sensor data for train localization

Intecs is creating a multi-sensor, GNSS-based platform for obtaining absolute position of trains on rail lines. The system incorporates cameras that read QR codes installed in the area adjacent to the track. The system includes a robust, software-based, data fusion engine that combines GNSS and visual data to determine train position.

A number of field tests of the new system have been undertaken. A crucial set of trials, carried out at an auto racing track, involved a ground vehicle with GNSS antennas on the roof and with cameras pointing to one side, where QR code panels were set up at 10-meter intervals. The vehicle completed 30 laps around the course under different conditions.

AG3335MA GNSS chip series

Airoha Technology launched its AG3335MA satellite positioning chip series at the end of December 2023. This new chip series has successfully passed the AEC-Q100 Grade 2 reliability qualifi cation tests for automotive applications. The AG3335MA series chips have been certifi ed by a third-party quality management system equipped with an automotive specifi cation laboratory.

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