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GIS was first introduced in Malaysia about a decade ago. Amongst the major issues that arose, was the absence or lack of digital geospatial data. GIS users then, needed to digitize their own data from hardcopy maps or survey plans to convert them to digital data. This conversion was certainly time-consuming and expensive, so much so, that accuracy of data was not of paramount importance. At present, with the realization of …

Jun 2006 | Comments Off on MyRTKnet: Get set and go!

The Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia (JUPEM) is the competent authority in providing both horizontal and vertical survey control to the surveying community in Malaysia. This is carried out through the setting up of a surveying infrastructure throughout the country for the eventual purpose of national development, security and defence. In line with the government’s endeavour to improve its delivery mechanism, there have…

Sep 2005 | Comments Off on Malaysia precise geoid (MyGEOID)

GPS infrastructures that have been established in Malaysia are mainly served as a ground control stations for cadastral and mapping purposes. Another element that has not been utilised is the height component due to its low accuracy. Conventional levelling is still the preferred method by the land surveyors to determine the stations orthometric height (H) with a proven accuracy. Therefore, Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia (DSMM) has embarked the Airborne Gravity Survey, with one of the objectives is to compute the local precise geoid for Malaysia within centimeter level of accuracy. With the availability of the precise geoid, the “missing” element of GPS system is solved.