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Spectracom has announced its new L1+L2 dual frequency 32-channel multi-GNSS simulator, the GSG-62. It offers multiple frequency band operation, multiple GNSS constellation simulation, and expansion capability for more frequency bands and channels.

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Do Not Track!: George Cho;

Geodetic activities in Latin America and The Caribbean: always IN: C Bruninit, L Sánchez;

WAAS Today: Deborah Lawrence;

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The GIS Research Centre at Feng Chia University in Taiwan developed Taiwan’s first municipal works cloud-based map platform. It will allow city government officials and policy makers to have a clear picture of the city’s major construction projects. The platform, which was commissioned by the Taichung City Government, will integrate the city’s digital map libraries including urban planning and cadastral map libraries, and will allow users to browse records concerning the city’s major construction projects and tenders.

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Geodesy: Out with the Old, In with the New:Chris Rizosl;
Experiences from world bank development support for land reform:Keith Clifford Bell;
Improving the administration of marine and coastal spaces:Harun Kenan Subasi, Reha Metin Alkan;

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Land reforms, Will continue to remain a contentious issue. In many parts of the world, That can be driven more by strong political will And sustained commitment.

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Definition of land boundaries for the purposes of ownership (the Cadastre) or spatial definition for legal and cultural purposes is a vital part of the economic foundation of our society.

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September 2011:
Geospatial Defence & Intellegence Asia Pacific, 20 – 23 September, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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We come from a situation where the societal relevance of a cadastre was limited to the core statutory tasks of registration and maintenance of cadastral maps and providing information on land parcels and their ownership and use-rights (van der Molen, 2009). Nowadays, modern land registry organisations do not only face many new challenges, also the pace of demand for new products and services increases every year.

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Paul van der Molen
In the book ‘Congo’ (2010), the author David van Reijbrouck reports about the roundtable conference in Brussels in January 1960. There, the Belgian and Congolese delegation agreed on independence of the Congo already in June of that year. From an institutional side, hardly anything was in place in the -soon ‘former’- colony. Executive staff was panicking: ‘how to get a popular census in place in six months, a number plate administration, a cadastre…’.

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May 2011: FIG Working Week 2011, 18 – 22 May, Marrakech, Morocco, www.fig.net;
5th GNSS Vulnerabilities and Solutions Conference, 23 – 25 May, Baska, Krk Island, Croatia, http://www.rin.org.uk/;