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Volume 20, Issue 1, January 2024

Intermediary Cities: Planning with Nature, People and Technology

A K Jain

Land administration and Geospatial information hard talk: Reviewing the posted comments

Dr. Anthony Beck, Vladimir V. Evtimov and Dr. Keith Clifford Bell

GNSS constellation specific monthly analysis summary: December 2023

Narayan Dhital

Spin axis

David Learmount

Galileo HAS will be the most significant game-changer …

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Volume XIX, Issue 12, December 2023

Collecting volunteered geographic information from the Global Navigation Satellite System

Linda See, Benedikt Soja, Grzegorz Klopotek, Tobias Sturn, Rudi Weinacker, Santosh Karanam, Ivelina Georgieva, Yuanxin Pan, Laura Crocetti, Markus Rothacher, Vicente Navarro, Steffen Fritz and Ian McCallum

A review of land information management systems

Ifeanyichukwu Valentine Nwafor, Raphael Oshiobugie Sado and Inipami …

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Volume XIX, Issue 11, November 2023

Land Administration and Geospatial Information Hard Talk: A Critical Evaluation

Anthony Beck, Vladimir V. Evtimov and Keith Clifford Bell

Understanding the RINEX format for GNSS data transfer and storage

Volker Janssen

The ubiquitous dimensions of Surveying and Mapping deliverables in Nigeria

Pepple, G. T., Udoh, O. J., …

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Volume XIX, Issue 10, October 2023

Extreme Relativistic Electron Fluxes in GPS Orbit: Analysis of NS41 BDD-IIR Data

Nigel P. Meredith, Thomas E. Cayton, Michael D. Cayton and Richard B. Horne

The Investment Case for Land Tenure Security in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Frank F K Byamugisha and Nancy Dubosse

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His …

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Volume XIX, Issue 9, September 2023

Testing the Galileo High Accuracy Service (HAS) at a High Latitude and under Ionospheric Scintillation

Melania Susi, Daniele Borio, Althaf Azeez, Jihye Park, Kinga Wc˛ zka and Ignacio Fernandez-Hernandez

Land registration acceleration in Indonesia: lessons learnt from land registration system in Malaysia

Ricco Survival Yubaidi, Mazliza Mohamad and Saidatul …

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Volume XIX, Issue 8, August 2023

Distributed GNSS Positioning-as-a-Service: Death of a Traditional GNSS Receiver?

Renato Filjar, Filip Šklebar and Ivica Zubic

GAGAN Performance Assessment for Aircraft Precision Approach

Narayan Dhital

An architecture for a visual-based PNT alternative

Joshua J R Critchley-Marrows, Xiaofeng Wu and Iver
H Cairns

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September 2023 – November 2023

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Volume XIX, Issue 7, July 2023

Applying Malawi Continuously Operating Reference Stations in GNSS Meteorology

Robert Galatiya Suya, Charles Chisha Kapachika, Mphatso Oscar Soko, John Bosco Ogwang, Harvey Chilembwe and Francis Gitau

A proof of Concept of the integration of blockchain with an ISO 19152:2012 based Land Administration System

Attoumane Tahar, Gervais Mendy and Samuel Ouya

GIS in facility …

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Volume XIX, Issue 6, June 2023

Surveying in Nigeria: Academic and Professional challenges

Godwill Tamunobiekiri Pepple, Emilia Biobele West, Precious Lenyie and Amarachi Oteyi

How prepared is Delhi for a 7 intensity earthquake?

A K Jain

GIS mobile application for crime reporting and monitoring

D Duffour, C Y Asante and A A Acheampong

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GIS | …

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Volume XIX, Issue 5, May 2023

Development of GNSS software for Ghana Survey and Mapping Division

Gameti Charles, Acheampong Akwasi Afrifa, John Ayer

Energy transition in Nigeria: A technological and philosophical perspective

Mike Iroh

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Volume XIX, Issue 4, April 2023

National Geospatial Policy, 2022: An urban perspective

Dr Mahavir and Dr Prabh Bedi

Protecting GNSS against intentional interference

Arul Elango, Ahmed Al-Tahmeesschi, Mikko Saukkoriipi, Titti Malmivirta and Laura Ruotsalainen

Dual-Frequency EGNOS and Galileo-based GNSS Receiver and Antenna for Railway: TRENI Project

Marco Puccitelli, Chiara Manno, Livio Marradi, Gaetano …