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The rapid development and increased demand for spatial information infrastructures in many jurisdictions have made spatial information an invaluable tool in policy formulation and evidence-based decision making.

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Security of tenure and incontestable spatial definition of land is the major contributor to the economy of developed states and is the economic springboard for developing states. E-governance technology is now a major component of administering all aspects of this sector.

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In most countries, the cadastral system is just taken for granted, and the impact of the system in terms of facilitating an efficient land market and supporting effective land-use administration is often not fully recognised. The reality is that the impact of a well-functioning cadastral system…

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Urbanisation is one of our most significant challenges (Suzuki et al, 2010). Rightly or wrongly, achieving sustainable urbanisation has been increasing reliant on high-rise, high-density buildings as the dominant urban form, and the stratified use of space to provide infrastructure, utilities and services both above and underground.

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The Coalition of Geospatial Organizations (COGO) released its Report Card on the U.S. National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) that depicts the condition and performance of the nation’s geospatial..

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The physical extents of land ownership have been defined by many methods over the years ranging from verbal agreements between adjoining owners to formats of written descriptions, maps or survey records…

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Anation-wide Land Information System has the potential for providing the basis on which a National Spatial Data Infrastructure can be developed, given the strong similarities between the two concepts. In a country such as Tanzania where agriculture is the main sector of the economy..

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Valuation of real estate/ properties is in many countries/ cities the basis for fair taxation. The property value depends on many aspects, including the physical real world aspects (geometries, material of object as build) and legal/ virtual aspects (rights, restrictions, responsibilities, zoning/development plans applicable to the objects spaces). The aim of this study is to investigate the opportunities provided by the semantically rich 3D building and cadastral models for valuation and taxation. In this paper we investigate the following related aspects…

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ICA is happy to see, that significant progress have been made in the attempt to be a global platform for modern cartography. It is a very good…

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The set of satellite systems for global navigation that are functioning or are expected to be launched in the future, in English are called GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems), whereas in Albanian it will be SSNG (Sistemi satelitor për navigim global). This system allows determining the position in the whole globe…