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It is good to note that the above map is available on glossy paper and price at Rs. 85/- only. The critique is given in the following points:

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Edited by Abbas Rajabifard
ISBN 978-0-7325-1620-8
Published by Centre for SDIs and Land Administration,
Department of Geomatics,
The University of Melbourne


Towards a Spatially Enabled Society

‘Spatially enabled government’, ‘spatially enabled society’, ‘spatially enabled’…… These are terms which we are hearing more and more of these days. A society or a government can be …

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A book on Geographical Information System pertaining to Indian conditions was long awaited. This book under review in a way tries to fill this void. The authors in the Preface …

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The new book, Local Positioning Systems, explores …

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Reviewed by Dr I V Murali Krishna Professor and Head, Jawaharlal …

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Google redefines the earth. A review from a common man’s …

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What if a plane crashes due to incorrect map?

Cho, George …